In the summer heat, we are drawn to nature, to the cool waters of lakes and rivers. But it is not always possible to escape from the stuffy city and enjoy the natural water sources. Moreover, in St. Petersburg, they often do not have time to warm up to normal temperature. Therefore, salvation for the inhabitants in the summer heat are the pools.

Not every pool will continue to run in the summer, many go on vacation. Though not from the beginning of the summer, but most of the pools of Petersburg do not work in July and August. The exception will almost always commercial pools at fitness centers, they are open at any time of the year, but their use is often necessary to take a subscription for services of the fitness gym. But there are more affordable options.

The pools open in the summer

1. St. Petersburg sports complex. Is located at the address: Ligovskiy prosp., d. 50A (metro Ligovsky prospect, Vladimirskaya, Ploshad Vosstaniya). The pool length is 25 metres, running instructor, and the session duration is not limited. Price single visit – to 500 rubles, it depends on who visits the pool – adult, child, student. When buying a ticket, the price is significantly reduced. The pool is open from 8 am to 23 PM.

2. Near the metro station Ploschad Muzhestva a swimming pool is "swim", his address is: Khlopina street, d. 10 – entrance from the street Gzhatskaya. It will delight lovers of swimming in its scope, as is a length of 50 meters. Updated after the repair pool with 10 lanes wide, clean and well maintained. Originally it was planned to train athletes, so that made it all at the highest level. Prices to visit are not so low, but the pleasure is worth it. The pool has a short period of summer vacation from late July to mid-August.

3. New pool "Nevskaya volna" is located at metro Prospekt Bolshevikov and throughout the summer months. Swimming pool address: St. John reed, d. 8 к2А. The latest equipment, excellent tracks, warmth and comfort await you in this world of water sports.

4. Pool "Natasha" is at metro Ploschad Aleksandra Nevskogo. Has a bit of an unusual length and depth of the bowl. But perfect for swimming mother with baby will be perfect and for those who do not feel very confident in the water.

Unusual pool

If you even for the sake of coolness of the pool in the summer do not want to leave the fresh air, can sign up for sessions in the outdoor swimming pool "Dynamo". It is located in the metro Ladoga at: B. Porokhovsky, 38/2. Engaged in it both adults and children, and do it all year round – swim in the pool even at 25-degree frost! The pool has 4 lanes with a length of 25 meters. Duration of one session is 45 minutes. The swimming pool is available from 8.15 am to 21.00, the prices are quite reasonable but not quite low.

Choose the right pool and let your summer will be fresh!