Advice 1: What if the person fainted

Faint can each of us. Loss of consciousness may develop on the background of any disease, the surge of emotion or tension. Knowing how to render assistance to a person when he is unconscious, can significantly improve the chances of his ultimate recovery, and sometimes save a life.
What if the person fainted

The fainting is called loss of consciousness. The person may lose consciousness at any age due to any disease.

If you saw in the street a man lying on the sidewalk, walk up to him. Remember that fainting may disguise a deep sleep due to alcohol intoxication. Smell of exhaled human air: if it is filled with vapors of alcohol, so you are not dealing with swoon and deep sleep.

But if you met on the street a person is really unconscious, first check it for the presence of breathing and pulse. If he is not breathing or has no pulse, immediately call an ambulance, call for help and begin to carry out a complex resuscitation.

If there are signs of life (breathing and heartbeat) try to bring the person to life. If you have access to ammonia, hold the cotton wool to his nose, to give to inhale the smell. Sprinkle the face with cold water. It should be simple pure water, without gas and mineralization. If you are near a pharmacy, unable to call for help of the pharmacist - in case you are not a doctor, surely he will be qualified and will be able to help the victim more wisely.

If a person fails to put in themselves for a long time, call an ambulance. Before arrival of a brigade of doctors are close to the victims.

If the person on the background of loss of consciousness, there are cramps, in any case can not interfere with twitch. This could result in injury. Ensure that the patient bit his tongue, and that he inadvertently injured. In this case, calling an ambulance is required. The dispatcher, who will you call, be sure to tell all the symptoms that you observe.

The reasons for the loss of the consciousness of a great variety due to diseases, tension, emotions etc. In all cases, the victim must go to the clinic at the place of residence and consult a therapist about the incident.

Advice 2 : How not to faint

Falling into a swoon – not so rare, this disease affects about one third of healthy people. Fainting is quite a dangerous phenomenon because it can occur at any time and cause injuries. People prone to fainting should be careful and take care of their health.
How not to faint

Determine the cause of fainting

Knowing the reason you faint, you can determine the place and time of the onset of this disease. This will allow you to prepare in advance of themselves and others, and to take precautions. Causes of syncope can be very different, they all usually accompanied by the same symptoms such as dizziness, pale skin, blurred vision, appearance of white and black spots before the eyes, etc.

Take action in order not to faint

If you have ever fainted you know the feeling is not the most pleasant. In order to avoid it in the future it is necessary to take certain measures. Drink plenty of water, especially on hot days, it will improve overall health. To prevent weakness and dizziness should be well and regularly fed. Avoid alcohol and coffee, avoid Smoking, all these products are highly relaxes the body and enhance the probability of falling into a swoon. Try not to get into stressful situations that cause you to worry. They can lead to oxygen deficiency and subsequent fainting.

React immediately

If you feel weak all over and feel faint all the same inevitable, take precautions to avoid injury. Sit down and put your legs as high as possible, it will help you recover as quickly as possible. Take a few deep breaths and try to calm down. If you feel that you lose control, and your own voice you hear a muted call somebody for help to get out of this state.

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