Anthropologists claim that in the blood of the modern Tatars and there is a mixture of Mongoloid and Caucasoid ancestors, so the representatives of this nation are very different. There are several types of Tatars, for example, Ural, South of the Kama, Volga and Siberia. The last one is different looks Mongoloid type — a broad face, dark hair, hazel eyes, and the so-called Mongolian fold on the upper eyelid. But these Tatars is small, this type is most small. The most common Tartars Caucasian appearance with light brown and blond hair. Almost all types of Tatars have a thin nose, sometimes with a small hump or drooping tip.
Tatars are rarely tall. The average height girls — 164 see Among them a little leggy.
The hallmarks of the Tatar character are hard work, cleanliness, readiness to come to the rescue, patience. It is believed that this nation peculiar self-confidence, pride and narcissism. Tatars do not live by feelings, the mind, so they are law-abiding, respect authority, love order and stability. A Tartar will not swim against the tide — caught in a bad situation, he will show flexibility and adapt to new conditions. Tatars peculiar tolerance, religiosity and profound respect for elders.
The Tartars distinguished by the presence of a commercial vein. They gained a reputation as the best workers for their hard work, conscientious fulfillment of obligations, discipline and perseverance in the performance of their work. Representatives of the Tatar nation eager to learn. They are sharp-witted and responsible. Respect for elders is also evident in professional activities — Tatar never fire an employee approaching retirement age. Negative as Tartar the employee is considered too harsh directness judgment.