The reasons for the formation

The appearance of spots is due to the breach of the vitreous body of the eye. It is a substance that consistency can be comparable to jelly. This substance fills the eye and in the presence of certain disorders in the development or design eye all changes to the content displayed on the retina as flies.
The black dots are visible when the vitreous begins to pull away from the back wall of the eye.

Usually the black dots are most visible on a uniform background light and almost not noticeable when viewing a dark surface with a minimum amount of light. These opacities are the first time can be confusing for the person, but over time they cease to be visible and the patient is only rarely starts to pay attention to them, although they are still constantly present in the eyes.


Complete cure from flies is impossible and in most cases it is simply not required, because usually the problem does not threaten neither the health nor the life of the patient. Over time the number of black points before the eyes can be significantly reduced, as occurs in the eye haze gradually dissipates.

However, with intense cloudiness that affect a person's ability to see is pharmacological therapy, which is aimed at stimulating the metabolic process in the vitreous body of the eye. The medicine is aimed at restoring the vitreous body. For example, is often prescribed medication "Wobenzym" in order to improve the metabolism. Often, specialists prescribe drops "Emoxipin" to improve blood circulation inside the eye and get rid of the arisen dimness.

Course duration and dosage determined by the treating physician depending on the diagnosis. Often "Emoxipin" buried 3-5 times a day, one drop to the affected eye. Burying it is necessary to conduct a period of about a month. "Wobenzym" is used 5 tablets 3 times a day rate of not less than 2 weeks.
To improve the resorption and regeneration of eye tissues also help vitamin complexes, which contain lutein. He has a positive impact on a person's vision and eye function.

If you have black spots before my eyes that really bother you and affect your vision, contact your doctor. The presence of black flies before the eyes could be a symptom of serious diseases of the eye, for example, hemorrhage in the vitreous or retinal tears. To eliminate these symptoms, you'll need some counseling.