A deficiency of vitamins in the body can cause poor health in the morning. Feeling of weakness and fatigue, in particular, causes a lack of vitamins of group B. for Example, if the lack of one only of cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) violated the full transportation of oxygen to cells. But if the body is still a deficiency of folic acid (vitamin B9), there is a risk of anemia, which also leads to low supply of oxygen to tissues and vital elements. In other words, in the conditions of deficiency the body is working at half capacity.
Deficiency metabolism slows, the body is rebuilt to work in economy mode. Energy is thus spent mainly on internal processes, on the outside it is not enough.

Depression, anxiety

Depression inhibits the production of serotonin in the body. The neurotransmitter of the brain called the pleasure hormone. The lack of brain cells (or in violation of the conditions of its perception) cells and the whole body suffers. And in this case, the fatigue after a night's sleep is the result of a depressed Central nervous system: the signals that she gives to all the parts of the body get sluggish and weak.

Anxiety can also disrupt sleep. Disturbing thoughts, fear, confusion do not give a wink of sleep cause headaches and, ultimately, not lead to relaxation and rest of brain and all organs and systems, and to stress. Here is the morning fatigue. In such cases, people describe their feelings as "like bricks on me drove" or "like a train with coal was unloaded".

Low iron in the blood

Iron "cares" for the safe transportation of nutrients and oxygen in the body and also about removing waste from the cells. If a person receives less than 18 mg of iron a day, the body begins to fight for its normal functioning, all of his strength goes to combat, and then even after a night's sleep person feels fatigue and weakness.

Uncomfortable conditions for sleep

Stuffy room, the lamp is not turned off, an uncomfortable bed, lack of peace – these and many other negative factors can not provide a good night's sleep. The person is not getting enough sleep, his body does not get proper rest, irritability, fatigue, bad mood, headache.
During night sleep the body needs fresh air, silence, comfortable bed and dark. Only in the dark induces the production of melatonin - the main pineal hormone, a regulator of circadian rhythms.

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep can very easily produce fatigue and even apathy. Everything here is quite understandable – the body is not rested, recovered after a day of work (study, training, travel, etc.). However, too much sleep can also cause fatigue, aching joints, headache, lethargy, drowsiness. Sleep time all people are different, it is important to set the number of hours necessary for the body to fully recover, and try to go to bed at the same time.

Syndrome tedious sleep

The health of the person during a revival, according to scientists, is directly dependent on the phase of sleep he was in the moment of awakening. If the awakening occurred during the so-called "fast" of sleep, the person feels rested and full of energy regardless of how many hours or minutes he slept. But if this "rapid" sleep interrupted by snoring, difficulty breathing blocked nose, colds, actions of medications, restless thoughts, stop breathing (apnea), the person runs the risk of waking up in the stage of "slow" sleep, i.e. sleep, which slowed pulse, breathing slow and even, the brain and body are in complete rest. And then awake to feel tired and lethargic. Sometimes even more tired than before I laid down to sleep.