Dead in a dream. The Dream Miller

Gustav Miller looks dead in the dream as a warning. In reality the person needs to be very careful, as he is surrounded by crooks and envious. And it's not paranoia. Through our own stupidity, you can become a victim of any fraud or Scam. No need to be too impressionable a man. You just need to be careful and cautious and not to succumb to various forms of provocation. So says the famous Gustav Miller.

What dream dead? Dream Interpretation Freud

Here Sigmund Freud gives an interpretation different from its inherent "sexual" manner. If the deceased had a person who died a long time ago in real life, it is necessary to listen carefully to his words. The fact that his speech and his actions in relation to the dreamer is the latest warning from rash acts, because in reality the dreamer has the risk of being caught up in some major scandal.

If you dream a dead man waking is still with us today, the dreamer hates this person. He freaks out at the thought of his existence, he would like to see him in a coffin. No need to be all dramatic, no need to be so angry and intemperate man. To anything good it will not. You need to forgive this person, God will judge him. So advises Sigmund Freud.

Dead. Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

Evgeny Tsvetkov believes that such a dream – an unfavorable sign: the interpreter is sure that the dreamer awake waiting for the tragic events and brought to life subconscious fears. If in a dream to see the dead man, which is in reality a live person, you can run into major trouble associated with finding-out of relations with that person. And all because the dreamer in reality hates that people unconsciously wanting him dead. It is not necessary to be so cruel.

Dream interpretation Vanga: dead in a dream

The famous Bulgarian prophetess and clairvoyant Vangelia in its own way interprets the dream. She believes that it is necessary to try to ask in a dream the dead man what he needs. Perhaps this is already deceased friend or relative want to warn the dreamer about something. Do not be afraid, because future changes are not necessarily bad. But to dream of a huge number of wandering undead to global disasters, Federal or global scale. Coming epidemics, wars, disasters.