What dreams of living people in spirit form?

It all depends on when it was seen, the dream, the circumstances under which it happened. Depending on that death in dreams is a symbol of some change. There are psychics who call such dreams are harbingers of deep internal and external transformation. Perhaps, there will be a change of some circumstances of the environment. For example, the death of a loved in a dream, which in reality is in perfect health, can mean a quick move to another city. Such dreams and talking about changing their professional activities.
You need to remember the words said in a dream a dead man, if in fact he is alive. There is a belief that they can become prophetic.

Some commentators argue that currently living people can dream in spirit form in the case when the dreamer urgently need to reconsider all their life values and to set priorities. The dreamer is on the verge of some significant change. It is necessary to analyze their lives, identify all the critical points, to place points over "and".

Why the living dream of dead people? Dream Interpretation Hasse

According to the book of dreams, such a dream could mean changing weather. It is not excluded that the window begins to fall the atmospheric pressure. Perhaps in the morning rain. In any case, to worry about what you saw makes no sense. If in the dream, now a living man to his death in a car accident, and then dream about in the dead soul or the dead man, lying in a coffin, in real life, you need to keep the "paw on the pulse". There is a risk to fall into a whirlpool of events that no one knows what the outcome!
People now living that dream in the form of spirits, can talk about some kind of aggression, experienced by the dreamer in relation to them.

Living dead dreams. What is it? The Dream Miller

Gustav Miller advises all people who saw this dream, to reconsider their life values. Perhaps you need to rearrange in my life, to change the purpose, priorities, etc. in addition, such dreams can see people having a very subtle spiritual connection with the person they see in the way of the spirit in their dreams. One of the most positive interpretations of this dream is the following. Miller believes that nothing is wrong with these pictures do not promise to those who come to them as spirits. The word "heroes" such dreams do not be afraid of serious illness, death, danger. Rather, they expect longevity and good health.