The interpretation of bodies in a broad sense

The corpse, seen in a dream, is considered a sign of upcoming obstacles, misfortunes and obstacles to your goal. If you dream about a dead person, then this symbol should be regarded as a bad term in business. Try not to conclude transactions, especially if they are large sums of money or property. The probability of fraud is very large.
To a bad dream did not come true in real life, it is recommended immediately after waking up to eat a very small piece of any raw meat.

If you see several corpses of humans, animals or birds, that the coming trouble will greatly hinder the implementation of long-conceived plans. Implementing their ideas will postpone to a later period. If you dream you are going to use a dead animal as food, it can be a sign of possible health problems. Pay special attention to the food.

Some dream books interpret the bodies as warning signs that in real life people were in a desperate situation. In this case, without assistance is unlikely to be able to cope with ill-wishers. Therefore, if someone you know offers you support, do not rush to abandon it.

If you dream you see the drowned or nearly decomposed body of a man in your life will be some unpleasant events, which would greatly spoil your mood.
If in the dream the corpse came to life, then nothing wrong with you in the near future will not happen. For your enjoyment, success and a visit to fun-filled activities.

The interpretation of the nuances of dreams

Not always the dreams in which there are dead bodies are bad omens. For example, if you dream you see a dead human, which in reality is alive, it is possible not to worry. Your friend or relative lives a long and quite happy life.

The corpse of the old animal in a dream foretells the deterioration of your physical and mental condition. Probably you will disturb headaches, sudden colds, or for a long time the soul will be present sadness and anxiety.

If you dream you see a corpse prepared for burial, it is possible that bad news about a similar situation in real life. Probably someone of your friends will catch up a serious disease and tragic events are also not excluded.

A bad sign is your contact with a corpse. For example, if you are trying to hide it, bury it, throw off a cliff, into water or getting rid of a dead body in other ways. This dream foretells the collapse of all plans.

If in the dream the corpse is smiling, showing tongue or changing facial expressions, in reality, you are too prone to temptations. You reach your goals by deceit and often dismiss someone rumors. Try not to be in the shortest possible time to change their behaviour. Otherwise, trouble will creep up on you at the most unexpected moment.