Why dream about dead people: the opinion of the interpreters of dreams

Since ancient times, people believed that the souls of deceased relatives come in dreams with the sole purpose to protect them in this world. In other words, they are their guardian angels. Interpreters of dreams and the drafters of the modern dream books not quite agree with this. According to them, frequent meetings with the deceased in dreams – the sign of any life change. Is change bad or good – depends on the General impression of the awakened person.

For example, if a meeting with the now deceased man, the soul of the dreamer left an unpleasant aftertaste, you should expect an adverse life-events. If the mood of such meetings has increased – in reality it is expected a splash. In addition, the authors of dream books suggest to pay attention to what others say dead. The fact that these words have a special meaning, therefore, they should carefully consider and attempt to decipher.

Why do people see the dead in sleep: scientists

In fact, most psychics and parapsychologists tend to believe that suddenly the dream is already a dead man means something from the past of the dreamer. According to the parapsychologist Elena Voronina, some spirits of dead people, resulting in the process a seance, said that come in dreams to their relatives for exclusively peaceful purposes: they want to give them particular important information.

Some souls of dead people seriously concerned with the negative emotions of their living relatives. They are afraid for them, they don't want to live you've done some stupid things or went the wrong way. In addition, Elena Voronina believes that some now dead people coming in dreams to their living relatives and friends with the purpose to ask their forgiveness for certain their in vivo behavior.

What to do if you dream about dead people: advice Vanga

The Bulgarian psychic Vangelia itself has left this world, but humanity still believes her predictions and visions. In addition, Wang was widely known as a sostavitelnitsu the eponymous dream. According to her, dreamed about deceased relatives or friends come to people with a purely peaceful purposes. They should be sure to listen as they warn of dreamers coming change. Do not confuse these warning dreams with those that see a lot of pointless wandering dead, because they carry bad omens.