This is a very common story: in a dream a dead man's calling to you. For example, you see your deceased relative, which stands on the banks of the river and asks you to approach him. Of course, this dream does not Bode well and could mean health problems, some severe illness, but, in addition, such a dream can signify the beginning of a new stage in life. Often exactly what happens. Only in very rare cases, a dream in which a dead man is calling you, means a quick death.

Very important is your reaction to the call of the dead. If you are happy to follow him, it indicates your inner desire to change your life.

When you try not to follow the call, it shows that until you are ready to change. You find it difficult to break with the past and begin a new stage in life.

If you responded to the call, and dead you took him to some quiet and beautiful place, it speaks of your inner feelings of hopelessness. Are you tired of the world and want peace, the life force leaving you. Often dreams with a similar plot see people who have difficulties in real life. You should try to look at the situation from a different angle, not to exaggerate, but soberly consider what you can change in your present situation. Maybe it's time to change the place of residence or work.

If you dream that the dead man forcibly pulls you with him, threatening and angry at you, you should pay close attention to their health. Such dreams often warn about some kind of disease. Remember the reason for the death of the one who you dreamed about. There is a folk belief according to which you face such a disease, especially if you dream you saw a close relative.

You can not believe in dreams, but many unexplained facts confirm the fact that sometimes during sleep you can see your future and receive a warning.

If before the trip you dream about your blood relative who is persistently calling you, and you respond to this call, it is worth several times to think before to go on a journey.

Often at the funeral of the young people, prematurely left this world, to hear stories from their relatives that a few days before their death they had strange dreams, which came dead ancestors.

A dream in which the deceased calls with you, can sometimes mean that your inner desire to meet again with the deceased loved one. Very often dreams with a similar story happen in the year after the death of a loved one. In this period many relatives remember their deceased relative, often talking about him, continue to mourn his departure.