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According to scientists and psychologists who study human consciousness, dead parents coming in a dream to his children, it is nothing like the work of the human brain and its memory. The fact that some people are unable to come to terms with the death of their relatives, they are constantly worried about it.

Such individuals have a brain, focused on memories of the deceased parents, does not stop during sleep. Scientists believe that during this period people it is the projection of objective reality to their dream. That is, they live through their thoughts and memories again and again, but in a dream.

The total value of sleep

As a rule, the dead mother and father come in dream to their children to help them, to tell, to send the right path. Favorable is a dream in which the people hugging their dead parents. These pictures say about the successful completion of those or other actions initiated by the dreamer awake, and retrieve any profit.
The clergy believe that such dream is a kind of "news" from the sky. The fact that the deceased parents of the dreamer so I ask him to put a candle for them in Church.

Dream dead mother is warning against those or other reckless behavior. Sometimes such dreams portend significant changes in the life of the dreamer.

What dream dead parents? The Dream Miller

Dead parents, who had in a warm environment, are a symbol of prosperity. If the deceased father or mother came to sleep with threats is the disapproval on their part of any of the Affairs of the dreamer. Conversations with deceased parents – to aid in reality.
People say that the dead parents dream to change the weather to heavy rains. It's reasonable to assume that this is the normal match, because any weather on the Earth is changeable.

Gustav Miller delineates the dreams about deceased parents into two types: those that dream with living relatives, and dream after their actual death. In both cases, the scientist does not see anything wrong. In addition, such dreams with living parents often spoke of their subsequent longevity.

A message from the dead from parents

The people there is a belief that dreams with deceased parents – a message from the afterlife. The fact that the deceased person for 40 days after his death, is in close connection with the earthly world. As a rule, the soul of the deceased is at peace, yet live do not fulfill any of his lifetime request. Sometimes the dead parents come in the dreams to his children, to warn or to inform them about anything.