If a man in a dream got shot, and he heard the shot and now is experiencing all the sensations of the dying, most likely, this dream warns of an unfriendly attitude on the part of friends. The causes may be different, but the same relations will not return. If the shot and wounded was able to Wake up without dying in dreams is a good sign, as in this case, there is hope for reconciliation with those who opposed. If in a dream heard only the shot, but no other sensations or the shooter missed, it's a sign foreshadowing some very unexpected news. Likely, this news will affect the dreaming, and all his friends and acquaintances. And sometimes to hear only shot in a dream - a harbinger of love. This dream may portend a very strong and vivid feelings, this novel is likely to be unusual.
Dreams related to the shot or the sound of the shot, often portend gossip. It is worth while to look at and to weapons - if you shoot with a gun, a dream promises revenge for someone the inconvenience or the insult. But if fired from a cannon or other large guns, sleeping face problems at work and in business circles. If in the dream a man dies from a shot in it from a Cannonball, it portends communication with angry, jealous, annoying people. This dream is particularly dangerous for girls who have soon planned wedding, as these are unpleasant in dealing with people can be the parents of her future husband. Deaf in the dream of the gun shot means in reality to find out bad news about someone close to you.
If in the dream in sleeping fires a gun person unknown to him, it may portend acquaintance with a traveler from a distant country, which will change the entire life of the sleeper. When in dreams I heard the sound of shots from crossbows and bows, it portends the dreaming a lot of fights on an almost empty place. Hear in a dream the shots somewhere in the distance and fear of getting a random bullet - in reality become a victim of rumors and false information. After such a dream it is recommended that all the news to check three times before to believe them and do something about it. When the bullet is flying in a dream is very close, only by miracle without touching the dreaming, is a sign for a person to be less selfish because of this traits, he can largely to quarrel with relatives.
If the person in the dream dies after accurate shot at close range, it may indicate a problem that will only become apparent after some time. Should review his entire life on the subject of the unresolved issues that seem irrelevant - most likely some of them will find themselves in a very short time. A dream warns that if you do not give this issue enough attention, some things in life you can lose.