Common explanations

If you have begun often dream of the dead, and you feel uncomfortable after such dreams, consider the possible reasons for their occurrence. Usually the dead visit dreams of people who are sad about the dead person or think about that a lot. If the whole dream with the dead man has a certain story, you need to think about this dream all the words you dead, can carry a wish or a warning.

Try to remember everything I tell you dead – quite often dead people in a dream misleading sleeping important and valuable information.

If you had a live person, whom you see dead, it can talk about your relationship to him, or of any danger threatening this man. The most enjoyable explanation of such dream is the people's interpretation, claiming that the dead dreams to the weather changes.

The dead and dream books

According to the dream books, dead people in the dream can embody a variety of things. If you had a dead grandma or simply a woman, you expect a change in life. Mother in a dream can warn of sudden illness. I can't get in my sleep my dead past bothers you, and the subconscious mind calls for forgiveness and beginning a new life without resentment and regret. If you dream you are giving the dead a thing, expect the reality of the loss, or loss of their property. But much worse, if the deceased person is calling you.

Deceased relative calling you, it means a mortal danger looming over you – in any case do not follow in a dream for the dead people.

If you dream you keep seeing dead relatives, which is calm and serene, know that you in the near future threatens nothing, and you can completely rely on their fate. Excited and hectic dead show that there is a danger that you could overlook in real life. In reality be careful after such a dream, be sure to go to Church and light a candle for the repose of the one who you dreamed about.

If you dream that you are dead, do not hurry to get upset – this dream could symbolize your rebirth, the transition to a new stage of life that will be much better than the previous. Also the dead in dreams can represent the resolution of issues and problems, as well as your health and longevity. Those who mourn the dead foretell a quarrel or conflict with living relatives. Joyful dead are promised good fortune, luck and unexpected gifts of fate.