Salon ways to get rid of hair

Get rid of unwanted hair cosmetic treatments. In the salon you can offer sessions of electrolysis or hair removal is the most effective but also the most expensive options of hair removal. For the full course will have to spend a few months and more than 10 thousand rubles.

Epilation – is the impact on the hair follicle high-velocity round light. Plus of this method is that waxing can be carried out independently, by purchasing a special machine. To completely get rid of hair takes about 12 sessions.

Electrolysis kills the hair follicle using current. This method is considered the most effective but also the most painful. The procedure is done in the cabin of an experienced master.

At home to get rid of unwanted hair help folk methods and tips. They are good because they do not require financial costs, and painless.

People's means of deliverance from the body hair

Masks and lotions, prepared on the basis of a walnut, perfectly cope with unwanted hair. To prepare the tincture must take 50 walnuts, extract the partitions and place them in a container of dark glass. In container you need to add 150 ml of alcohol (70%) and leave it in a dark place. Partitions walnuts needs to steep at least a week, but it is better to leave them for a month. The resulting tincture should lubricate areas with increased hair growth for two weeks.

A good remedy for getting rid of hair is turmeric. It must be mixed with warm water until the consistency of sour cream. The mixture should be applied on the skin, cover with plastic and keep for 20 minutes. Before applying this method, the hair needs to be removed.

Hydrogen peroxide will help get rid of hair on any area of the body. Thanks to this tool, the hair will weaken and lighten, and then disappear forever. You must wipe the skin of 6% peroxide solution every day. To enhance the effect, you can add 5 drops of ammonia.

To get rid of hair will help the root of the Datura. The root of the need to boil in one liter of water. The resulting broth should be cool and use to protyani. The procedure should be carried out daily. Hair removal will be long, but reliable.

To get rid of unwanted hair for 2-4 weeks, you can use waxing or shugaring. These tools help to pull out the hair, slowing their growth for a long time.