From the first weeks of pregnancy, a woman is closely watching the changes in their appearance. Expectant mothers can't wait to see growing belly and feel the baby wiggling, but in the early stages of pregnancy the changes can be extremely small. However, the absence of a noticeable belly at this time does not mean that the baby is not developing. In a woman's body hormonal changes and the fetus is growing rapidly. After a couple of months the pregnancy will be visible to other people.
The second month of pregnancy is the period between 4 and 8 weeks obstetrics. At this period the body adapts to changes, first and foremost, it affects the hormonal background expectant mother. There is a sharp surge of progesterone and HCG, so-called hormone of pregnancy. The amount of estrogen decreases, so the woman may experience fatigue, irritability, drowsiness. Often the second month of pregnancy is accompanied by loss of appetite. Hormonal changes is one of the causes of early toxicity, which often overshadows the first impressions of pregnancy and is one of the main signs, with no discernible belly.
On 8 week of pregnancy baby is still very small. Its size is too small to cause growth. Kopcik-parietal size does not exceed 20 mm, and weighs approximately 3-4 g. However, despite the tiny size, the fruit is every day becoming more like a healthy newborn baby. Rapidly developing brain, formed bone tissue, developing limbs, the baby can already move his fingers. With ultrasound you can record the fetal heartbeat. Most of the internal organs to the second month of pregnancy has already formed, and in the future will be their active development.
Some women say that their stomach begins to round up on the second or third month of pregnancy. In fact, the size of the fetus in the early stages are too small to directly affect the shape of the expectant mother. The figure can vary from skinny women with insufficient body mass. Changes can be caused by hormonal surges, which a woman changes your diet and gaining weight. This period is very important to take proper care of skin to prevent the appearance of unsightly stretch marks.