Advice 1: How to determine the position of the baby in the belly

In what position is the baby in the belly of a pregnant woman depends, as will be the future childbirth. Usually the baby takes a position to 33-34 weeks of pregnancy. Until that time he can roll over several times, while in the breech, the breech and then transverse.
How to determine the position of the baby in the belly
To determine the position of the child in the stomach sometimes not under force even the experienced obstetrician-gynecologist. The most accurate method of determination is ultrasound. It is done at 35-36 weeks of pregnancy. If the baby's head is at the bottom, talking about the cephalic presentation. This is the most physiological posture of the baby during childbirth. Handles and legs in this pose, close to the body sent back to my mother's side, and the back of the head to the entrance to the pelvis.
In the breech towards the small pelvis are the buttocks or buttocks and the soles of the feet, the child like sitting. Sometimes the baby may be in breech knee, when to the entrance to a small basin directed knees bent. And quite rare, less than 1 percent of cases, the baby is transverse position.
Typically, the determination of the position of the baby after the ultrasound is performed by palpation, i.e., the doctor feels the abdomen of a pregnant woman and finds a head and buttocks of the baby. However, only an experienced physician can determine the actual position of the child. Sometimes even doctors with years of experience confuse the ass and the head of the baby. In such cases, prescribe an ultrasound just before birth to determine the course of events.
Some moms define the position of the child for hiccups. Many believe that where felt typical for hiccups reduction, is the baby's head. But these feelings are subjective and only it is impossible to judge about the position of the baby.
Often kids in late pregnancy highlighting pen or a leg, which mom understands how you'll tiny. To determine the position of the child can be lying on your back. Then clearly there are two tubercle – the head and buttocks. But while the head is movable, by pressing lightly it is rejected, and then returned to its original location.

Advice 2: How to determine the position of the baby

In the womb, the baby can sit in any position. Most children at the time of birth are placed upside down, this position is considered optimal for passage through the birth canal. To determine how the baby is lying can not only a doctor but also the mother herself.
The doctor can determine the baby's position, listening to his heartbeat.
Up to 30 weeks racesthe position of the child in the womb means absolutely nothing. The baby may roll more than once, and only in the later stages can be more or less to say about his position.
The doctor is the easiest way to determine the position of the fetus by using ultrasound. After the abdominal wall, the doctor will be able with certainty to say exactly how settled baby.
During manual inspection, he will look for a large protruding parts. This may be as the head and priest. The first is much denser to the touch, in addition, it will speak more clearly.
But the attentive mother and herself without the help of a physicians will be able to recognize how exactly is her child. Some rely on them, but these feelings can be very subjective. Babies in the womb hiccup the whole body, therefore, the location of the hiccups does not mean anything.
But the perturbation can be a good hint. The legs of the baby is much stronger than the arms, so kicking it is quite noticeable. Sometimes, the expectant mother complains that the baby literally dancing on her bladder, and as soon as pinkie moved to the stomach or liver, then the fetus is turned head down.
But strong aftershocks in the upper part of the stomach can occur at the transverse position of the fetus. However, by the end of pregnancy, the size of the baby, lying down, allow you to grope at the sides of his ass and head.
Do not panic if you think your child is settled wrong. Cases are known when children were spinning and turning in the midst of contractions. But share your concerns with your doctor, he will either deny them, or will offer you specific exercises in which the baby is correct position.
Useful advice
If your child finds in a transverse position, lie down on a hard surface on its side, changing direction every 10 minutes. This exercise will help the baby to turn over.

Advice 3: How is the child in the stomach

The position of the baby in the abdomen, the doctor may judge the necessity of surgical intervention in the birth process. For example, if the baby is lying bottom first, then labors will be somewhat complicated and may need the services of skilled professionals with extensive experience.
From about 32 weeks the fetus begins to spin in order to take a particular position in the womb. Some patients ultrasound revealed improper presentation of the baby, but it should be recalled that the baby may roll over at any place.

Method of determining the position of the fetus alone

In order to find the location of the fetus, it is recommended to closely monitor the aftershocks. It is necessary to take a position "lying on back", relax and try carefully to find the child.

Where felt strong tremors, are the legs of the baby. You can try to find heels. Light perturbations indicate that in this place are the child's hands.

When the fetus is turned head down, his legs under the mother's ribs. Often pregnant taking bumps for baby's head, but it is likely his buttocks. Because the fetus in the early stages still can't take a stable position, it is better to determine closer to delivery.

As can be baby

The correct position of the fetus is a compound presentation, that is, when the head of the child is the mother's pelvis and progressively through the birth canal. In this case, the baby has all the chances easily and quickly be born.

Breech doctors are required to consider many factors, for example, age of mothers, estimated height and weight of the child, the position of his head. The vast majority of cases, the experts strongly recommend a caesarean section to reduce the risk of possible injury in normal childbirth. However, when the pelvis in women is wide enough, can give birth easily and naturally.

If the fetus lies transversely or obliquely, it is considered that the birth will be difficult. To facilitate the process and reduce injuries Caesarian section.

To remedy the situation of a fetus obstetrician-gynecologists advise pregnant women every day to do special gymnastics. It should be done, starting from 24 weeks of pregnancy. The main exercises include the following:
- lie down on a hard surface in early on one and then on the other side. You need to roll over every 10 minutes 5-6 times;
- raise the legs up, stretch them into the wall to lift your pelvis with a pillow. Lie down for half an hour three times a day;
- stand on all fours for 15-20 minutes 3 times a day.

In order for a child had the right position, not changed it, some gynecologists advise to wear a special bandage.

Advice 4: How to determine fetal presentation independently

Question presentation of the fetus puzzled almost all future moms. After all, how is the baby in the stomach depends on the course of labor. As a rule, the child occupies the final position by 34-35 weeks of pregnancy. But sometimes, as in late pregnancy the baby can roll over.
How to determine fetal presentation independently
With regard to early pregnancy until about 30 weeks, the fetus can change its position quite often. While it may be in the gluteal, pelvic, or even cross-presentation. Sometimes even the most experienced obstetrician-gynecologist can not determine the position of the baby in the stomach – so it is well camouflaged. The most accurate method of determining the presentation of the fetus – ultrasonography. It is usually administered to all pregnant women in the period 35-36 weeks. In cephalic presentation the baby's head is at the bottom. While arms and legs held tightly to the torso, the head directed towards the entrance to the pelvis, and the back – to my mother's side. This posture is the most physiological.
If to a small basin directed the buttocks of the baby, it is called breech presentation. Sometimes to the small pelvis can be aimed foot, with a child like sitting. If to the small pelvis aimed knees, knee presentation. In very rare cases the baby may take a lateral position. These poses are not too convenient for the delivery. Therefore, doctors advise future moms to do special exercises to help the child to roll over.
To determine the position of the fetus is difficult. But often in the later stages a woman can commit a revolution baby and tell the doctor. An experienced specialist will feel the buttocks and the head of the baby, hear the heartbeat and make a decision. But it may happen that the doctor will have doubts. In this case, the prescribed ultrasound just before birth.
Some future moms determine the position of the crumbs in the stomach for hiccups. They believe that in a place where there are characteristic hiccups are rhythmic contractions, is the baby's head. But since these feelings are subjective, they are usually not taken into account when determine the position of the fetus before birth.
In the later stages to determine the position of the fetus by protrusion of the hands or feet. Mother, such a long time waiting for the appearance of the baby born, can understand how it is tiny.
In house conditions it is possible to determine the position of the child lying on the back. When you take a horizontal position, on the stomach is clearly manifest two tubercle – the head and buttocks. But when you half-press head being movable, moves sideways, and then returned to its original location. The buttocks are in the same position.
The position of the fetus in the uterus determines the ability to birth vaginally in General. Childbirth can be alone just in case, if the fetus is longitudinal position in the uterus, that is, the axis of his body coincides with the longitudinal axis of the uterus. The position and presentation of the fetus is determined, as will labor. Depending on what part of the body is prelease, allocate predlejanii.
Useful advice
Try to understand the diversity of regulations and predlejanii. When the pregnancy comes to an end, the midwives establish which anatomical part of the fetus closest to the entrance of the pelvis. So, after 28-30 weeks of pregnancy can be diagnosed breech", "parent presentation" or "lateral position".

Advice 5: By what signs it is possible to determine the sex of the baby

Each nation has its own signs, which they are trying to determine the sex of the unborn child. To find out the sex of the baby on national signs expectant mothers are trying in our days, despite the fact that the most credible at the moment is the ultrasound. In fact, it is interesting to know whether the result of ultrasound examination with signs. But do not forget that their accuracy does not exceed 50%.
By what signs it is possible to determine the sex of the baby

The most common signs to determine the sex of the child

It is believed that a tummy rounded heralds the birth of girls, and protruding and pointy is a boy. The appearance of swelling in the feet is also considered a symptom of the boy's birth. It is widely believed that if a woman bears a boy, she is getting prettier during pregnancy. Increased hair growth on the legs of a pregnant woman also tells about the imminent appearance in the family of the boy, to say the same and slightly broke the nose. But the pigmentation is a sign of the future daughter.

If a woman, being in a position of eating frequently and in large portions, is a boy. Women who have a craving for fruits and sweets during pregnancy, give birth to girls, and if they want salt, meat or cheese, then the future will be born male. If a pregnant woman eats bread crumb, then the light will be a girl. Excessive craving for orange juice – so get ready for the appearance of beautiful girls.

Also the sex of the baby is possible to determine, based on the feelings of the parents. So, if a man in a pair of loves more, boy, and if on the contrary little girl. A woman's desire to hide its position indicates when the couple's daughter. Depression, irritability and bad mood during pregnancy is a sign of the emergence of the family pretty girls.

If a future Pope prefers loose underwear, we should expect a daughter, and if he prefers the taste of close fitting trunks - son. Nurturing the boy, you notice he has more heart palpitations than girls. Constantly merznuschy feet during pregnancy indicate a son. Darkened areola nipples mean pregnancy daughter, and emerged vegetation on the belly is a sign that you will have a son. The lack of or weak morning sickness often indicates the birth of a girl. Frequent headaches say that you will have a son.

Constant sleeping on your left side may indicate imminent birth of a boy. Often experience chills refers to the signs of pregnancy girl. The unchanged shape of the breast will say about the appearance of the boy.

The sex of the child on national signs in different countries

You can try to determine the sex of the baby with the help of divination. To do this, slip into a long thread ring, and hold it over the left hand pregnant. Movement of the ring in a straight line to be considered a sign of having a boy, if it will move in a circle – girl.

The Japanese define the sex of a child by simple mathematical actions. They divide the age of the father 4 and mother of 3, and then compare the resulting balances – one of them it will be great sex and having a baby.

In Germany are convinced that the conception occurred in dry weather, will lead to the birth of a boy.

In England circulated a very original way to know the sex of the baby. A pregnant woman removes the meat from the lamb shoulder and holds it over an open fire before burning. Then pierced the bone with your thumb, thread through the resulting hole and the rope tying her knot. Then hang the bone over the door and looks, who was the first to walk through the door. If the first guest is a man – a boy, and if a woman – a girl.
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