From the fourth month of pregnancy begins the second trimester, which experts described as safe and beneficial for women. To this period of morning sickness, most moms-to-be is. And replaced it often comes enhanced appetite, due to active growth and development of the child, which is all the more needed nutrients and vitamins. The baby is now growing at a rapid pace: his kidneys remove the urine in anatomic fluid, the hormones produced through the adrenal glands. The nervous and endocrine systems took control of all the fictions of the body crumbs. At this period actively developing immune system. The major event in the development of the fetus in the fourth month is considered to be the formation of the cerebral cortex.
In the fourth month of pregnancy significantly changes the shape of the expectant mother. A woman's uterus increases very rapidly due to its growth belly becomes rounded, the waist is "blurry". Chest more and more, swells and increases, although the soreness could occur in the first few months of pregnancy pass. The areola and nipples darken, and the belly more clearly emerges a dark strip. At this period a woman may notice the appearance of age spots on the skin. Now in the body of pregnant a lot of fluid that can cause swelling and increased secretions from the vagina.
On the fourth month of pregnancy, some women have periodic dizziness and headaches. Can have some mild bleeding of the gums. Many future moms in this period complain of nasal congestion and epistaxis caused by weak blood vessels. A very unpleasant problem in the fourth month of pregnancy can be constipation. They're caused by increased pressure of the uterus on the intestines as well as hormonal changes in the body. To avoid problems with a chair, a pregnant woman should carefully monitor their diet: eat fresh fruits and vegetables. It constipation are often the cause of such unpleasant and embarrassing illness how hemorrhoids.
In pregnancy 4 months the uterus has already gone beyond the pelvis, it continues its growth, but in the abdominal cavity. Due to the fact that the uterus is greatly increased, there is a sprain. Because of this, pregnant women may feel a pulling pain in the abdomen. However, doctors recommend if you experience such pain to come to the consultation, to eliminate the risk of losing the baby.