Typical equipment used in an incremental reduction of dislocations of the skeleton, for small joints of the vertebrae of the neck not applicable because this was developed for surgical methods. Sprains of the neck, like any other, there are in excess of the maximum allowable amount of movement or in its speed. Accordingly, this highlights three types of dislocations. This is a rotation that occurs when turning the head, flexor and extensor. They are treated differently, and this process is fully in the competence of trauma. Self reduction is forbidden and dangerous to life.
Subluxations often occur during work or sleep, it is possible to correct independently. To do this several times, overcoming a slow pain, to flatten and bend the head to tilt to the side. To rotate this is not recommended as turning the neck. Can some time (10-20 min) to lie down on a firm surface without a pillow, his head thrown back and attach to the neck warmer. Ask the other person to twist the neck of the impossible, he can only squeeze it to massage movements from the sides, knead and relax muscles. If the pain when moving a very intense, tingling or shooting, you need to consult a doctor, as this indicates the compression of nerves and can be a very big problem when tightening treatment.
To prevent subluxations in the neck joints before work or exercise is recommended to conduct a small warm-up. It is reusable, the same repetition of typical movements of the neck. This flexion and extension, turning his head to the side, circular rotation and tilts right and left. Two minutes spent on carrying out the exercises will largely prevent sprains and subluxations.
In traumatic injuries with violation of the integrity of the vertebrae or muscles, bleeding first aid from the untrained person might only aggravate the current condition. The correct here is only to call an ambulance, and the victim's head to give a stable position without rotating around the axis. You also need to fix the neck, preventing possible displacement of bone fragments vertebrae or damage to the integrity of the spinal cord.