First and foremost, you need to consult a neurologist. With the spine not kidding! If you self-medicate such an injury, you risk making things worse.
Neurologist but the appointment of drugs will recommend you to straighten the vertebra. And then there may be a problem. This procedure is unlikely to hold in a conventional clinic. Neither the surgeon, nor a neurologist, as a rule, don't mend the vertebrae. They have no experience of such treatment, as a few of their other specialty. Looking for a chiropractor or an experienced chiropractor. In every city you can find such a professional.Of course, the treatment will take several sessions and cost will be expensive, but you are guaranteed to get rid of the problem.
Before you can fix cervical vertebra go through the cat scan or x-ray. They will help to determine the nature of the injury.
Examination is necessary to make sure that we are not talking about the displacement of the vertebrae. The reason for the displacement often lies in childhood. The spine is still fragile, and improper posture or significant physical activity is the displacement of individual vertebrae. This disease does not require repositioning of the vertebrae.
If the survey showed that you have a dislocation or subluxation of the cervical vertebra - do not tighten with treatment. Try to quickly bring your spine back in order. Complications can be very serious. These include: a complication of view, neuralgia, cramps, myositis of the neck. Possible loss of sensation of the fingers and unilateral paralysis. Especially often, such diseases are accompanied by subluxation of the vertebra. It does not manifest itself in clinical symptoms, and you may not know of the existence of this problem. So, take your time and periodically screened of the spine.