Advice 1: Why does the cat have no navel

There is the statement that the cats is missing a belly button. This is a misconception. Like all other mammals, the bellybutton they have. Just find it quite difficult because of the dense and sometimes long, coat.
Cat with a kitten.

Scientific "debunking" misconceptions

For a start, it should be recalled that the cat belongs to the class of mammals and the placental infraclass, that is the highest of the beasts. A distinctive feature of all placental is the birth of offspring in a relatively advanced stage. This became possible when, in the course of evolution, the females of this species appeared embryonic body, the placenta.

It is through the placenta is the nutrition of the fetus and its prenatal development. She migrates from mother to the embryo of all the nutrients and antibodies. Each embryo is associated with the mother's body by the umbilical cord.

Therefore, each of the newborn creatures of the mammal class, and thus each kitten has an umbilical cord. The navel and the kitten is also available.

How to find navel cat

The main and the original error lies in the fact that a cat owner, looking for her belly button, trying to find a deeper or scar-scar – similar to his own navel. But the human belly button looks like a deepening only because after the birth of the baby the umbilical cord is cut and ligated doctors-obstetricians.

The cat, everything happens in a natural way, without surgery. After the birth of offspring she cuts the umbilical cord. And then actively licking the place each kitten. The saliva of a cat secretes vitamins B1, B6, B12 and also contains lysozyme, a substance with antibacterial properties. In medicine, the lysozyme has long been used as antiseptic.

After this "medical" procedure, the remnants of the umbilical cord dry up pretty quickly, and in a few days and does fall away, leaving the skin kitten virtually no trace. Over time, the already unobtrusive footprint pales even more. And later overgrown with wool.

In order to find the navel of a cat, you need to flip the animal on his back and carefully examine her belly. In the area between the ribcage and the pelvis, in the upper third of this space, you notice a little less owolosenie the site is very small in size. This is the cat's navel.

Of all the felines Sphynx only to find a navel presents no special difficulties – the coat of this breed is very short, less than thick and the slightest changes in the skin are well marked. The trace of the umbilical cord very clearly visible and similar to a tiny scar, which is in the specified region.

Advice 2: Why pregnant strip appears on the abdomen

Vertical stripes of dark color under the navel appears the majority of pregnant women. Despite the fact that expectant mothers understand the inevitability of changes in their body, giving new life, they are still concerned about the cause of this "decoration".
Why pregnant strip appears on the abdomen

Where does the line under the navel

Dark vertical streak during pregnancy occurs due to hormonal changes that occur in the female body. The intensity of the colour directly related to the number of melanotropin in the body, which causes the development of hyperpigmentation in the area from the navel to the pubes. Known cases when the strip has grown up to the level of the ribs. In fact, it is available to all pregnant women, but the majority of enhanced pigmentation ligament, located in the abdomen, making it more noticeable.
The highest probability of the appearance of dark stripes in pregnancy is present in dark-skinned and dark-haired women.

Melanotropin is a hormone that stimulates the production of cells that in turn produces the pigment, thus increasing the probability of occurrence of moles and freckles. In addition, the emergence of stripes is associated with such hormones as estrogen and progesterone, so it indicates a properly functioning hormonal pregnant woman. From the beginning of pregnancy, the stripes may be light, after which it gradually begins to darken and disappears only after childbirth, although some women remain for a lifetime.

How to get rid of dark stripes or brown age spots

Some women are wondering if to prevent this, some unaesthetic in their view, the strip or get rid of her pregnancy. Gynecologists claim that the stripes themselves will disappear after the baby is born, however some prevention its bright colors still can be done. For example, pregnant women should less be under the open sun and the sun only with sunscreen. Especially in the last months of pregnancy.
To disguise dark stripes or completely get rid of it is impossible – really only to prevent her strong limb-darkening.

During higher solar activity to future mothers are recommended to stay in the shadows, and the street appear in private clothes of light fabrics. However, remember that even the maximum adherence to these recommendations will not prevent the hateful stripes. Doctors advise not to pay attention to her because her education is a natural process through which all women, without exception. To calm your nerves, you can consult your gynecologist and do not cheat yourself – because worrying about such little things can have a negative impact on the future child.

Advice 3: That means pulling and stabbing pain left of navel

In the lower left abdomen contains the following organs: sigmoid colon (part of large intestine), the left ureter connects the kidney to the bladder. In women also there are left of the uterus. So if there is pain in the lower part of the peritoneum to the left of the navel, the reason may be to defeat one of these bodies. What the example shows pulling and stabbing pain in this area?
That means pulling and stabbing pain left of navel

What diseases can cause pulling and stabbing pain

The cause of pain on the left of the navel may be renal colic. Her attack, usually accompanied by very severe pain. And they often are not localized in the region of one kidney, and "give" in other areas of the abdomen. If colic in the left kidney, severe pain may be felt in the whole lower left abdomen, down to groin. It is like pulling, bursting, and pricking. In any case, with a strong bout of colic pain is so intense that a person literally finds no place. He can't lie, desperately trying to find a less painful position.
This is the main external difference between renal colic from other diseases that cause severe pain in the abdomen, when the rest brings some relief.

Such pain can also cause inflammation, affecting the left ureter. For example, if the infection is caught in bladder, began to spread beyond it. Usually, this is accompanied by rapid urination.

Often the cause of pulling or stabbing pain, especially in people over 50 years old, be a problem with the sigmoid colon. For accurate diagnosis, in addition to external examination, additional examination and feces analysis.

Women experiencing such pain in the left lower part of the peritoneum, be sure to contact your gynecologist. The cause may be a cyst of the left ovary, neoplasms, acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, etc.

What to do when the pain left of belly button

If you have pain in the abdomen, must consult a specialist. If the pain is severe, or is accompanied by a sharp rise in temperature, fever, you should immediately call an ambulance! In any case it is impossible to take a hot bath or applied to the affected area warmer. In some diseases this can lead to a sharp deterioration of the patient. It is undesirable to independently take medication.
If the pain is very strong, and for some reason, get quick medical assistance is impossible, take an analgesic. But then at the first opportunity, consult a doctor.

Should be screened from professionals such as surgeon, a gastroenterologist, a urologist. Women, as already mentioned, is also necessary to consult a gynecologist.
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