Why it is necessary to promptly treat nail fungus

Apart from the fact that the fungus infected nails look ugly, and or the nail plate thickens, or begins to break down, onychomycosis can lead to other negative consequences.

  1. Nail fungus may contribute to the ingestion of other infections.
  2. If a person in addition to onychomycosis is present and diabetes mellitus, the past is deteriorating. Such deterioration are observed in many other diseases.
  3. If I run a nail fungus, it can cause deep mycosis. He, in turn, can penetrate through the blood to internal organs.
  4. Onychomycosis may cause an allergic reaction. And if treatment is not started in time, may result in bronchial asthma and other allergic manifestations.

Treatment of nail fungus folk ways

лечение грибка ногтей народными способами

It is worth noting that the treatment should start with identifying the type of fungus. And to make it it can only be a mycologist. The doctor will take a scraping from the affected area and the results of the study will prescribe the treatment. If for some reason the mycologist it is impossible to get, you can try to treat fungus folk remedies.

First we need to address the factors contributing to the formation and reproduction of the fungus. If you have the opportunity, at some time, stop visiting the pool or sauna. If a purchased subscription for a long time, after each visit home, wipe feet and shoes with a cotton pad moistened with 9% vinegar.

Socks should be changed regularly and every day to take a shower. The presence of the body sweat will promote the growth of fungus. Synthetic socks or pantyhose can also cause the rapid multiplication of the fungus. Cotton products will be much more useful.

Don't forget about your immune system. Internal defence of the body will help to get rid of this unpleasant disease.

Nail fungus is a very negative attitude to the acidic environment. Therefore, the most well-known folk remedy for treatment of onychomycosis is a nail treatment vinegar. Can be used as a table and wine. Before the procedure you need to wash your feet. Then clean socks soaked in vinegar and wrung out. Nails are treated with a cotton pad with vinegar and put on socks. You need to keep them all night.

Can you cure nail fungus with garlic. For this purpose it should be well crushed and the resulting mass apply on the infected area. Now fasten the garlic using gauze or bandage and put on clean socks. This will help to avoid bias from the affected area garlic mass.

A decoction of milkweed can help in treatment of the nail. For cooking, use the milkweed and water in the proportion one to two. Keep the broth in a water bath at least 30 min. After cool the broth and strain it. Then mix in a bowl the broth with a valid hot water. To steam the legs need 30 mins at least 10 times. After the procedure you need to wipe your feet.

Another means of salt or soda. In a basin of cool water you need to pour a tablespoon of salt or baking soda and stir. Legs immersed for 10 min., and then well wiped off.

Any treatment should continue until such time as the affected part of the nail will not grow and will not be cut off. If you stop the treatment before the nail, the fungus can re-strike the nail plate.