Fertilizing the soil of horse manure, providing plants with necessary nutrients. In addition, horse manure can effectively heat the ground, which is a valuable quality when you use it on cold and clay soils in need of fast and intensive warm-up.

If manure is used in greenhouses and greenhouses, as biofuels, combined with the fertilizer, from the beds previously removed from the upper soil layer, 30 cm thick on Top of the beds with the removed soil placed horse manure and carefully shed water. To destroy microorganisms that can cause damage to plants per bed additionally watered with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. After these procedures, on top of the manure poured 10-inch layer of fertile land with the introduction of wood ash and the soil carefully mixed and leveled. The beds covered with plastic wrap, leave for 2 days, then sow seeds.

As fertilizer horse manure is better suited to produce the following crops: potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, pumpkin, zucchini. If you feed these plants fresh, neterprise manure, the best time to make it to the ground is considered a fall. Fresh manure contains a lot of undigested in the stomach of the horse plants that will germinate in the beds in the form of weeds, so in the spring to fertilize is to use the manure only in liquid form.

In the springtime the introduction of fresh manure is allowed only under late varieties of potatoes and cabbage, because these crops for a long period of development and the manure has time for a little pereplet. The optimal norm of dung feeding is considered to be 4-5 kg per square meter of soil.

For the preparation of liquid feedings liter of manure mixed with ten litres of water and a few days this mixture insist; if the manure is fresh, then insist it must, within two weeks. To increase the efficiency in the mixture can be added to half a bucket of wood ash. On the eve of the procedure, feeding all the beds should be thoroughly watered, and then pour the liquid fertilizer into the hole, directly under the root of the plant.

Dried horse dung pre-pour with straw and sawdust, covered with plastic wrap and leave to perepravnaya. In case of dry, hot weather dung heap sprinkled with water to increase the moisture content of each layer. Rotted manure added to the soil in amount of 5-6 kg per square meter.

In addition, the dry manure serves liquid Express-fertilizer: manure is filled with water in the ratio 1:1, insist 2-3 days in an enamel or plastic container. Just before you fertilize, the mixture is filtered and diluted with water in proportion 1:1.

Soil fertilizer horse manure will provide not only a comprehensive fertilizer, but also the most quick warm-up, improving the structure of soil without excessive acidification, as it happens when using pig manure.