Sawdust can be put in the compost, to apply for the formation of ridges, used as a mulch material, and just sprinkle the paths between the ridges, so that the grass would not grow in them. They are used in the cultivation of seedlings and used as substrate for potatoes and seeds. It is only important to handle them – then we will be able to significantly increase the yield.

The effect of sawdust on soil

Soil with a lot of disintegrating organic matter, e.g. sawdust, have good permeability and an excellent ability to absorb moisture. On these lands productivity is higher, they do not form harmful for the growth of plants peel, so loosening them is required less often.

Sawdust for fertilizer

To use as fertilizers have rotted sawdust – they, in contrast to the fresh, have a brown color of varying intensity. The process of perepravnaya not especially fast: it can take 10 years or longer. To speed up should ensure the availability of organic matter and water. To do this, add a little sawdust in the compost pile, or ridge of the greenhouse, which a lot of fresh manure.

If sawdust is used for fertilizer in large quantities, the soil generally requires additional lime, as it may unnecessarily zakislate.

How to make compost

Part of the resulting perepravnaya fertilizer better to put in the compost. For example, to mix sawdust with poultry manure and manure and allow to Mature during the year. This mixture should be moistened from time to time to cover with something to prevent leaching of nutrients. Added to compost grass cuttings, dead leaves and hay, and waste from the kitchen.

To speed up the process of rotting sawdust before putting in the compost is well moistened. Useful for cubic meter of sawdust to pour 2-3 buckets of earth. This compost is a good medium for the growth of microorganisms and earthworms, which accelerates the pregnany.

Sawdust, which lasted about weeds, abandoned areas, also needs to be composted. Well a lot heat to prevent germination of weeds. For this sawdust is poured very hot water, and then quickly shielding plastic film.