You will need
  • - peshnoi;
  • - shovel or a pitchfork.
Long stored fresh manure, whether dung of cattle, sheep, horses or birds, starts to perepevat and decompose. After a year or two or three, depending on environmental conditions, it turns into a homogeneous black earthy mass is humus. It is very rich in organic matter suitable for soil application at any time, unlike fresh manure.
When choosing varieties, fertilizer, note that the decomposition of various types of manure is different. Horse contains most of all nutrients and is very rapidly degraded, it is perfect for enclosed greenhouses, it is possible to achieve an early and abundant harvest. However, the effect of such a "quick" compost is limited, and the earth soon enough, will require additional support. The cattle manure is decomposed more slowly but lasts much longer. He gradually gives up its heat to the soil, which is especially important for loamy, sandy and sandy soils. Sheep and pig manure are also decomposed slowly, and increase the acidity of the soil.
If manure must be applied to the soil in the fall, so he had to pereplet until the spring, then the finished compost you can use in the spring or summer. When perepletenie of the nutrients, and especially nitrogen is lost, so the compost should be made as quickly as possible, not stacking for storage.
In the spring add compost to the soil several days before planting. Dig the beds each time we made a pit shovel of humus. It is important that he was inside, at a depth of approximately one bayonet of a shovel, otherwise the nutrients can evaporate quickly. If any plants require additional nourishment, add humus during the summer when loosening or with liquid fertilizing.
Try to turn to his advantage, even such an unpleasant phenomenon as weeds and last year's foliage. Humus is also considered to be ground obtained after decomposition of any plant residues. The introduction of the fertilizer, sometimes even cheaper than fully decomposed organic humus. He gives a loose, full of air and "moves" for the roots of the earth, you can even use is not completely decayed grass - solid remains of the stems preyut gradually, giving nutrients to plants throughout the summer.
If you need urgent feeding, for example, planted seedlings, weakened by drought or transportation of plants, use of a fully decomposed plant and organic humus.