Not so long ago among the summer residents began to arise about fertilizing strawberries during flowering. The fact is that fertilizer applied to the soil of this culture, should not contain a lot of nitrogen. Otherwise, berry Bush builds up a dense mass of foliage, and berries form a little and of low quality.

An excellent fertilizer for strawberries has long been considered ash. It can be used as nutrient fertilizer and as a means of protection, at the same time. Ash should be sprinkled on the plant as a whole in the period of intensive Svetovrachane (when they begin to bloom the biggest flowers in the inflorescences of a Bush), you can then flush it from the sprinkler or hose, but not very diligently.

It is desirable that the residue of ash is left on the leaves of the Bush and on the ground under the plant. These ash heels are the perfect protection from bugs cocoadev and weevil. Burns on the strawberry leaves from the ash does not happen. During the summer season, it is useful to perform two or three ash dusting. Dosage, one Cup is about 200 grams. wood ash per square meter of soil.

For garden strawberry of great importance is the purity of the soil in the brush aisle. Weeds and "whiskers" of the plants should be periodically and carefully remove. If, because of soil conditions weeds are difficult to fight, then the best option is to plant the plants in one row. This method greatly simplifies care for strawberries, but also has beneficial effects on the quantity and quality of crop harvested.