Manure refers to organic fertilizers of animal origin. Decomposition in soil fertilizer form mineral compounds that are particularly readily absorbed by plants. This releases carbon dioxide, which fills the air of the soil, improving the root nutrition of plants. The manure can even improve properties of soil – heavy clay become more friable, sandy – more viscous and better hold moisture.
It is most apt to fertilize the soil in early spring or autumn, after the harvest. In the summer manure on the soil, place small piles as soon as possible and start plowing. In 5-6 days the manure is again viphya to the surface and mix with the soil again. Further flatten the surface of the soil so that the manure decomposes evenly. Weeds will germinate almost immediately – they need to be destroyed immediately.
To fertilize plants such as strawberries or cabbage use greenhouse humus, or completely decomposed manure. In greenhouse humus saves a large amount of moisture, and the rains and water in the soil is washed into the soil all the nutrients of compost.
Put the humus layer of 5 cm, avoid getting it on plants. Be especially careful with strawberries – manure should not get in the middle of the Bush.
The best is manure from livestock, a daily sprinkle a new layer of straw and pritoptyvaya animals. Store manure in manure storage, shifting it with peat and earth. The earthen layer should be every 60 to 90 cm, and the layer of soil should be no more than 7-9 see
At the bottom of the slurry store put the straw layer thickness of 60 cm Layer to stamp down feet. Manure storage arrange on the rise, so it did not drain the soil of water. Deriving from store the slurry to collect in a special tank. It later you will water from the manure.
Don't do the dung heap higher than 2,5 m to avoid heating of the lower layers. A lot in any case, do not cover with cellophane to prevent overheating and fire. It is advisable to cover manure pile top and sides with turf.
On fertile soils make organic fertilizer every 2-3 years, on poor soils make it every year.