The best time of year to create compostion - autumn, as this season in the garden a lot of plant waste. In the placement of kompostnye the ground level needs to be raised. For example, for compostie with the size of one and a half meters mound of earth layer should be approximately 15 centimeters.
The site for compost preparation is divided into 3 parts: one for the starting material and two other containers for composting and the finished compost.
Compost pile in a pyramid is the easiest option. On the sides the size of the pyramid is limited to the boards. Another simple option is to dig a shallow hole, about 40 cm you Can create a special container: made of bricks, boards, wire, old barrels. Composti do with two sections for separate storage of fresh and finished compost.
To have the process go quickly, all the material is carefully crushed. Material layers is formed, tapering upwards, the height of the pyramid should not exceed five feet. Cover composti hay, straw or leaves.
In a compost pile should get enough air, otherwise it will simply rot. For ventilation a hole you need to shovel. In the heat of the composting pyramid watered, and in the rains are covered with cellophane.
The air in kompostnye circulated, and the water was diverted, the bottom layer is created from large pieces, and the next alternate layers of brushwood and green waste. The ratio should be 1:2.
To obtain high-quality compost between the layers of waste placed animal manure in a thin layer. All this should be covered with a layer of soil or from compost.
Once the compost heap is formed, should be allowed to ripen. Every few months the raw compost is mixed to increase the temperature inside the heap. From time to time do not forget about watering a compost pile.
Humus soil will be ready in a year or two, but you can use fresh compost. To accelerate the maturation of compost in 2 months, you need to alternate between the crushed material and bird droppings. The thickness of each layer should not be more than 30 inches.
The smell of finished compost is a pleasant smell of earth and fallen leaves. The finished humus should not dig, its just spread and spread with a rake.