In addition to regular watering and hilling potatoes it is recommended to fertilize.
Fertilizer should be applied to the soil three times: at planting to each well, after the first germination and during flowering, as the consumption of nutrients from the soil intensively occurs in these periods of plant growth.
The most efficient power plant is a combination of organic and mineral fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are made at planting, as well as possible additional use for digging soil for the winter, and fertilizers are applied after emergence and during flowering.
To fertilize the soil with organic matter, dig a hole, put a mix of 100 – 200 grams of stale manure, which is slightly sprinkled with earth, 10 grams ash and 20 grams of bird droppings. Put seed potatoes and dig the hole.
After germination, make a mixture of diluted cow dung in the ratio of one to ten, adding to mineral nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers in the proportion of ten to eight. To use this fertilizer is very simple, just pour over the sprouts.
In the flowering period fertilize potatoes in the same way, but without the addition of manure.