The compost is a valuable organic fertilizer. After the final decomposition of manure you get manure compost, decomposing leaves, sheet, foliage, grass and vegetation. The most useful is the manure, which is added to mineral fertilizers and are used as a complex fertilizer.
Humus contains many elements necessary for plant growth. As a result of its use improves the physical characteristics of the soil and increases its nutritional value. Finally decomposed manure added under culture at 5 kg per 1 square meter. To achieve greater efficiency, it also contribute in the holes when planting root crops
Leaf mold has a positive effect on the structure of the cover soil is more suitable for acidic soils. Its main advantages are the natural properties, a positive influence on the quality of the soil throughout the year. Leaf mold love ryhlyaschimi the ground earthworms.
When manure is stored in compacted piles, it decomposes slowly, but organic matter loses less. So it's best to cook the mold in the following manner. Imported manure is compacted in a pile, covered with earth or peat (10 cm), covered with plastic wrap. Can manure to cover the weeded weeds.
Another way to obtain compost is to shift the manure with weeds. Next occurs the aerobic decomposition process, the pile is compacted and the remaining time (7-8 months) is an anaerobic process.
For the preparation of compost is used the combined method. Fresh manure is placed, not tamping, and after 3-5 days, the layers compacted. When the stack reaches 1.5-2 m, it is filled with peat, grass, leaves (20-30 cm), to prevent drying of the can, pouring the slurry. Humus can be used after 5 months.
Leaf mold is produced from wet leaves. The leaves are excellent raw material for the composition, improving the soil humus. Quickly to cook it simply. It is necessary to create favorable conditions for the decomposition of greenery and its transformation into humus. For that fungal cultures require a moist environment with virtually no oxygen. The raw foliage is compacted in a special compost bags, they are tied and left in the corner of the site. In the summer will be leaf mold, dropped it under the plant. This helps to detain moisture.