You will need
  • - fresh manure;
  • - the straw;
  • sheets;
  • - peat;
  • - the area of the dunghill;
  • - tools (pitchfork, shovel).
Manure is a valuable fertiliser, but fresh raw materials to make the soil it is not recommended. It is formed by the putrescence many gases that harm the roots of plants. Plants get chemical burn, cease to grow and die. Moreover, in the process of decomposition of fresh manure emits large amounts of heat. Temperature is about +50°C. is also unfavorable for the development of the root system of plants. Therefore, before incorporation into the soil fresh manure is processed, receiving from it the humus.
Manure removed from the stalls of animals and develops into a loose pile. Loose the decomposition process will go faster. So the manure is "burned out", it should be in the folded pile to moisten. This should be done constantly, without its drying out. After a few days the temperature of the compost mass, rises to +45...55°C. It starts to work bacteria. To shred the manure, the bacteria will, depending on the heap size, from two to four months. Then it turns into a brown mass of heterogeneous elements with feces, residues of straw and other litter. It's already polupereprevshie manure that has passed the first stage of decomposition, which is ready for soil application.
To obtain high-quality humus in the manure (especially cattle) must be at least half of the litter. If litter, it contains less of the dung-heap should mix with the foliage, foliage plants, straw. The pig manure you need to add leaves, straw and peat 2/3 of the volume of manure.
Depending on the degree of digestion, the manure is divided into four categories: fresh, polupereprevshie not fully decomposed and fully decomposed, the compost. Not fully rotted manure can be obtained through 5-7 months. Fully rotted manure is a crumbly mass of dark brown or black in color, in which no residue of the faeces, plants and elements of the bedding. In order to fully perepel manure and turned into compost, you must let it Mature for at least a year.