Advice 1: Why lost voice

The defeat of the voice may occur under the action of various inflammatory diseases (laryngitis, pharyngitis), congestion of the vocal cords, on the backdrop of violations nervous system (falastine), hormonal disorders, the formation of benign tumors (polyps, cysts, fibroids). Voice changes are observed in the period of adolescence. Chronic rhinitis, inflammation of the adenoids, nasal polyps, and lung disease may also is not the best way to affect the voice apparatus of man and even lead to loss of voice.
Why lost voice
The most serious damage to the vocal cords causing laryngitis – inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx, which occurs not only in infection control but also in the result of overexertion of the voice. Chronic laryngitis can develop even from prolonged exposure to harmful factors, such as Smoking, alcohol, irritating chemicals, dust. Dryness and painful tension, soreness, covered with follicles the back of the throat – all signs of pharyngitis, which leads to atrophy of the mucous and she can no longer recover. Prescribed physiotherapy – UHF, inhalations with hydrocortisone, irradiation with a laser, cautery, liquid nitrogen and other treatments. If time does not begin treatment, laryngitis and pharyngitis will be protracted and go into a chronic form, the treatment of which causes significant damage to the ligamentous apparatus.In addition, prolonged irritation of the mucous membranes, a prolonged inflammation of the vocal cords is a straight road to the formation of benign tumors. Polyps, fibroids, cysts, "singing nodules" impede the convergence of the vocal folds, there is a wheeze. After surgical intervention for their removal, the purity and sonority of the voice as a rule, recover.Psychoneurosis causes fatigue of the voice, pain in the throat and neck, tickle in the throat, increased salivation, cough. The gradual development of hoarseness, shake vote, change the tone, and in severe cases occurs aphonia – absence of voice. Need complete peace and silence for some time. Effectively in this case, the passage of psychotherapy."Breaking of the voice in puberty usually does not need medical treatment, you should remember that if the protracted mutation is better to consult an otolaryngologist. Diet also affects the vocal apparatus of direct influence. Harmful to abuse the spicy seasonings, too cold, and hot food, not to mention alcohol and tobacco smoke, changing the normal properties of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.The voice, whatever it was by nature, needs careful relation to it. People with weak vocal apparatus, but who knows how to use it, are more likely to keep it to a ripe old age, rather the owners a strong voice, not respecting the elementary rules of its preservation.

Advice 2: How is the breaking voice

Mutation or "break-up" of voice in adolescents due to serious changes in hormone levels. Breaking of voice, first of all affected boys, but in some cases girls have been some problems with the voice during this period.

As getting a deeper voice?

Mutation of the voice occurs at puberty. In the blood of the boy, larger quantities of testosterone, this hormone causes enlargement of the glottis, the voice becomes hoarse and a lower frequency, characteristic of men.

Before the start "breaking" the structure of the vocal apparatus, girls and boys identical. Up to a certain age it is impossible to determine the sex of the child in his voice. About ten years boys survive the first change of a voice begin to speak lower in pitch than girls. This is due to the fact that boys grow a little faster chords and the glottis, similar changes are connected with physiological peculiarities of growing up. At the age of ten or twelve years the glottis boy exceeds the average of the glottis girls for just a half millimeter and the difference in tone of sound is very noticeable.

The age of the mutation of the voice is normal. They begin at the same time with hair on the pubis, underarms, and the first emissions. Often in parallel with the breaking of the voice, the hair begins to grow on the face.

Voice changes may occur in the period from eleven to eighteen. A later mutation often leads to problems with the hormonal and men's health teenager. Voices usually takes no more than two months, during this time period, the voice completely changes tone and timbre, which then remain unchanged for life. To change them can only burns, injuries of the larynx or bad habits.

The changes

In the process of breaking the vocal cords thicken considerably, as the glottis widens. Besides, the boys come very marked anatomical changes of the skeleton of the larynx. Thyroid and other laryngeal cartilages rapidly increase in size, with the front edge of the larynx, protrudes forward, forming the Adam's Apple.

To voices was faster, the vocal cords need to load as little as possible, because the surge on the ligaments can cause nodules, which cause very noticeable hoarseness. If the load on the vocal apparatus is reduced, of the nodules may go away on its own, but sometimes you have to resort to surgery.

It is worth considering that a variety of cold can tighten the mutation of the voice. However, redness of the throat of a teenager during the "breaking" of the voice may not be caused by respiratory infection, but directly by the growth of the larynx, as the active growth increases blood circulation in this area.
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