You will need
  • - milk
  • butter
  • - med
  • - potatoes
  • - anise seeds
  • - vegetable oil
  • - cabbage juice
  • - carrot juice
The voice may become husky, breathy or even gap as a result of stress, yelling, internal inflammation in the throat and nose, colds, thyroid diseases, consumption of cold drinks increased load on the vocal cords. The reasons can be many. If you are really worried about the hoarse voice, go to the physician or directly to the doctor-phoniatry, which will determine the cause of the problem, check if everything is in order with the chords. Especially to worry is when the voice becomes hoarse for no apparent reason when in a conversation, there is pain in the throat and when the voice continue more than a week.
If the cause of the cough or sore throat, the first treat the cause. Also drink hot milk with butter or honey or hot tea with honey. It's always the people's money. Boil potatoes in "jackets", knead it, lean over the pot, cover your head with towel and breathe. Potato steam will help soothe a sore throat and restore the voice. Cut a slice of butter and eat it smeared the sky. Several times a day dissolve in your mouth vegetable oil and spit out it.
A quarter Cup of anise seeds boil in little water for 15 minutes. When the broth has cooled, strain it and add a quarter Cup of honey. Take every half hour a tablespoon. Take cabbage juice 4 times a day after meals in the form of heat, then do not eat anything for an hour. If the cause of the problems with my voice - laryngitis (inflammation of the mucosa of the larynx), try to make the medicine from a glass of carrot juice with the addition of a couple of teaspoons of honey. Take five times a day a tablespoon. This method is also used in cough.
For a few days, refrain from talking, if necessary, talk in a whisper. Give your voice time to recover. To hoarseness can result in heavy Smoking. If that is the case, give up this habit or not smoke so much.