You will need
  • - med;
  • - chamomile, calendula, mint;
  • - lollipops for the throat;
  • - throat sprays;
  • - 2 egg yolks;
  • - tablespoon of sugar;
  • - 10 g of butter.
Whatever the cause of the laryngitis, you need to ensure your vocal chords a complete rest. Take a sick day at least for a few days. At this time, try not to talk even in a whisper. Parallel to spend drug therapy. With the right approach, laryngitis can be cured in 2-3 days.
Drink warm beverages. It could be tea, juice, and milk, and even mineral water. If you add in a Cup a teaspoon of honey, the benefits of such drink will be a double. Honey has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and soothing effect. Plus it's just tasty and good for immunity. And the body now needs support from the outside.
Gargle with herbal decoctions. Helps chamomile, calendula and mint. May use the herbs individually, but can make them in equal proportions. The procedure must be regular — at least once per hour. If you have no herbs, cook for rinsing warm salt water or mineral water. The effectiveness of the treatment in this case will be no lower.
Dissolve lozenges for the throat, composed of antiseptic components. This "Strepsils" and "Septolete" and "Neo-Angin", and many others like them. It is important not to drink or eat at least 15 minutes after the candy has completely melted in your mouth.
Orosite throat antiseptic spray. Effective "Geksoral", "Ingalipt", "Tantum Verde", "Lugol spray" and others. Sometimes only two or three treatments, to the voice finally came back.
Whisk sugar with the egg yolks and add to a homogeneous mass, a little butter. Received a sweet medicine eat throughout the day. By the evening the voice needs to come back.
Moisturize the air in the room. Often cause inflammation of the vocal cords is its dryness.