Go laryngoplasty. Among the treatments that is performed to restore voiceand used injection laryngoplasty under the control of a special computer electromyography. This procedure is performed by inserting a special, biological product (filler) syringe in the voice ofthe end folds. It is performed under local anesthesia, without any incisions of the skin and soft tissues of the neck. Therefore, during the operation the mucosa and the lamina of the mucous membrane will remain intact and the views are voiceoriented folds will change. While the voice will be natural as before.
Make fanplastico (it is an operation that allows for the cutting or shortening the voice oforiented tangles to restore a voice and even change a male voice to female). This method is most heavy. Because after the surgery you will need to "go under the knife".
Use speech therapy method based on the technique development of esophageal voice,and (so-called ventriloquism). In this case, there are some difficulties. Because not all people will be able to master the technique of ingestion of air into the esophagus. Additionally, the amount of swallowed air is small, which makes it quieter, intermittent and obscure.
Pass laryngoscope laser surgery. It also occurs to restore the natural voiceand after surgery. This procedure is done using special equipment - endoscope, usually under local anesthesia.
Use the "Electroportal" is an electronic vibrating device, which you must attach to the chin. It converts the voice from the vibrations of the muscles of the mouth. Unfortunately, this method has a disadvantage, the voice will be the metal deprived of the timbre and emotional coloring.