The first and foremost thing to do is to stop talking, to give the vocal cords a rest, to stop trying to pronounce a word, particularly in a whisper, when the ligaments tense up the most.
Please contact your doctor. Tell us, then you have lost voice and how quickly you need it back. The doctor will recommend a special medicine for a sore throat spray or lozenges, treatments that will ease your condition and will return the voice.
Try as often as possible to moisten the mucous membranes of the throat warm (but not hot) water, herbal tea. Wrap neck scarf or a warm scarf. You can warm the throat if you breathe on antibacterial herbal (chamomile, calendula) or potato steam.
Try not to drink these days is coffee and does not drink alcohol, which is dried mucous membranes of the throat and worsen the course of the disease, slowing down your recovery. Also try not to smoke and not to spend much time in the cold or in the wind to avoid inhaling cool air by your mouth.
Try traditional methods of treatment. For example, mix a pile of warm brandy with three tablespoons of honey and three drops of lemon juice. This mixture should drink in small SIPS, as if savoring that all components of such a therapeutic "cocktail" managed to exert a healing effect on your throat. In addition, a great effect has a simple lemon tea, easing the pain.
Children for voice restoration can cook a great vitamin drink: grate a carrot of medium size and boil it with milk. Strain and give the baby such a healthy drink. This cocktail is suitable for adults, and it can not only drink, but to gargle their throats. Also warm milk can be mixed with honey, drink before sleep. This will not only help your vocal cords recover, but will give a good sleep.