The first thing you need to remember that to drink with damaged vocal cords, the hot drink (tea, water, herbal infusions) it is impossible in any case. This will only aggravate the problem. It is better to use soft drinks, but not ice cold.

Gently gargle salt solutions with the addition of a drop of iodine. They are invalid only in case if your problems with the throat so wrong that requires immediate medical intervention.

Of course, this situation is better not to bring. To strengthen the vocal chords there are many different medical preparations. From a public of vitamins. It can be any complexes, including amino acids. All whose profession compels many to speak (teachers, journalists, advertising figures), it is necessary every six months to do a course of injections. Injections of vitamins B1, B6, B12, ATP and aloe will help to strengthen the vocal cords, reduce the risk of problems with the voice to a minimum.

The honey with propolis, must be included in your diet. Warm milk with a spoon of honey and a couple drops of propolis – a great tool for strengthening the larynx. Another good tool is to make inhalations for the throat with mineral water. Just heat any mineral water, add a teaspoon of rosehip oil, sea buckthorn or olive oil. Bent over the saucepan, covered with a towel. Inhale the vapor for about 10 minutes. You will immediately feel relief. For inhalation suitable and a variety of herbs - decoctions of oak bark, sage, nettle, succession, Linden.

There's a special voice exercises for damaged ligaments. For example, bend down the head to the chin, lips close. And start to say "mmmmmmmmmmmm" long and lingering, until you run out of breath. You should feel a tingling in the lips.

Take a breath and start again "low", turning her head left, then right, then lifting up. Can change the sound and say "mmmmm, muuuu, Amomum". A little funny, but works very well.