You will need
  • - milk;
  • - carrot;
  • - onion (skins);
  • dry red ash;
  • - lavender oil (or sage);
  • - med;
  • - hell;
  • - medicinal herbs (hibiscus, black elderberry);
  • - aloe Vera.
In order to strengthen your vocal cords, you can take a special broth. It is prepared from milk and carrots. Milk you will need 0.5 liters, and carrots only 100 g. the Recipe is simple: boil the carrots in milk, then the broth strain. Drink it three times a day for two teaspoons.By the way, no less effective is gargling with infusion of onion peel. Do this in the morning and before bedtime. To prepare the solution you will only need three teaspoons peel (chopped). Fill them with boiled water, put on fire and bring to a boil. To infuse the solution at least three hours.
To strengthen the vocal cords fits red ash (sometimes it is necessary to chew). Optional Rowan should be fresh, fit and dry (it can be purchased in the pharmacy). Equally useful gargle with lavender oil or sage (for 200 ml of water have literally 4-5 drops). Before bedtime is useful to drink a glass of warm milk with honey (it would only take one teaspoon). Do not forget about herbs: drink decoction of elderberry, mother and stepmother, hibiscus. But notice that the fluid a little better to hold in your mouth before you swallow.
At the onset of hoarseness try to use ordinary fuck. Cut a small piece, finely slice it, then pour a glass of boiling water. Those dishes in which you made the horseradish, cover and let stand (in half an hour). Once infused, add a little sugar, stir the broth and drink one teaspoon every hour. The effect of the infusion will be noticeable the next morning.
In that case, if you have lost your voice, you can use the following recipe: take 3 large aloe leaf, wash them well and chop. From the resulting slurry squeeze the juice, mix it with cool boiled water (in the ratio of one to two). This infusion rinse the throat 5 times a day.