First, it is incorrect watering. The plant does not like when it is poured, but leave the ground dry for a long time impossible. In the summer jade should be watered every day or every other day, depending on dry land. The main thing is to ensure that the roots are not filled, and the water does not stagnate in the pot. Autumn tree is recommended to water once a week. In the winter time even less. To ensure that the water freely flowed, put on the bottom of the pot drainage.With abundant watering the tree of its leaves fall off completely green and has not changed. And in the case of a rare watering, the leaves may turn yellow, dry up and curl into a tube.Secondly, the tree does not like direct sunlight. If the plant the whole day will stand under the bright sun, the leaves will heat up, lose their look and fall off. To avoid this, do not put your plant in a Sunny window or during bright sun, cover a tree landscape with a sheet or regular paper.Another reason for the dropping of the leaves may be cold tap water. Do not water the plant with water from the tap. It is best to pour water into the bottle and stand it in a few days. As preventive treatments deciduous tree is watered with warm water from the shower. Make sure make sure the water reaches only to the leaves, not the pot.Another reason could be an excess of mineral salts in the soil or in feeding. To avoid this, it is enough to transplant the plant in new soil. Very good to add to the soil crumbled charcoal.Besides all this, the jade may drop their leaves during strong climatic changes. For example, if the plant is stood in the sun, and then moved to a cool place. Prolonged heat and drafts can also cause leaf fall. And last, money tree starts to lose leaves if it falls in the abnormal conditions or starts to get sick. Reproduction occurs through the jade leaves. And so the plant is starting to hurt, trying to throw off the perfectly healthy leaves with the purpose to give young shoots.