Possible causes abscission of leaves have a lemonIn the room are encouraged to grow a variety of lemons, specially bred for these conditions. If seemingly healthy, newly purchased grafted plants an impromptu autumn leaf fall, it may variety, intended for open ground or wintering in a cold greenhouse. Room lemon, grown in different climatic conditions, can also lose leaves during acclimatization. Similarly, to respond to a plant, moved from the shadows into the light. One common cause of leaf fall is not only lemon, but also many other plants, is the lack of humidity. Neighborhood hot Central heating plants is not good.Hypothermia roots may serve as another possible cause of subsidence of leaves of lemon. The roots of the plants can SuperCool even in a well-heated room, if the pot with the lemon is on the cold windowsill. The same thing can happen if you water the plant with cold water.Rotting of roots in waterlogged soil is one of the possible reasons is that the lemon dropped leaves. The most unpleasant of the possible causes of the subsidence of the leaves of lemon – contamination by insects, Putin tick or scab. In this case the plant appear growths and spots, the leaves turn yellow and fall off.Ways to save a plantIf it turned out that the plant belongs to the variety, intended for a cold winter, it should provide suitable conditions. Lemon can be transferred to a place with temperatures six to eight degrees and reduce watering. In some cases, if varietal lemon grafted on a hardy deciduous trifoliate, growers can "fool" the plant more light.Plants experiencing stress due to sudden change of temperature, humidity, and lighting mode can help opryshkiv them with a solution of one vial of "EPIN-extra" in five liters of water. Lemon that stood all summer in the open air, should be gradually accustomed to a private room.Lemon suffered because of the dry air, it is necessary to spray water pooled. The humidity in the room where it is a plant that should be in the range of sixty to seventy percent. While maintaining these conditions will decrease the risk of infection lemon scale insects.A plant with rotten roots need to be transplanted into a new soil mixture of one part coarse sand, the same amount of humus, two parts peat and two parts of leaf. Lemon should be protected from drafts.When infected lemon spider mites or scale insects, you can spray the plant with a solution of the drug "Fitoverm" rate of two milliliters of the drug per liter of water. It is recommended to do it outdoors.