In principle, to transplant crassula needs approximately every two years, like all succulents, it grows very quickly. Pick plants a new pot. It needs to be larger than the previous one in diameter up to 4 cm and preferably flat and wide as the root system at the money tree usually develops in breadth and not depth. Another recommendation – take the best ceramic pot. The jade tree – a tree is heavy, plastic she can just turn naranjas under its own weight. Transplant it is better to do in early spring when the plant has just started to growth. As take the soil mix for cacti. On the bottom of the pot be sure to add good drainage, and only then put the soil. The pot must be filled with earth up to half or two – thirds depending on the size of the plant and its root system.
To wait two days do not water the tree so we can remove it from the pot. Carefully remove the jade from the old pot. Between the roots is likely to be a lot of ground, shake off her roots. Wash the roots of plants, and why leave 2-3 hours in the air. When the roots are dry, gently pour them with ash or charcoal. Prepared soil in the new pot a little wet and put there money tree. Sprinkle on top the roots the ground, but not touching the petiole – the stalk of a plant should remain on the air.
In the first five days of jade to pour is not necessary. Then within two weeks, pour a very small amount of water with long interruptions – about three times in two weeks. Next, water the flower as usual – that is, as drying of the earth. The leaves of the plant can podati a little, but don't worry, with the beginning of the normal irrigation they recover. And with such a regime the jade will be easier to acclimate to a new place.