The reasons for the drop leaf

It is often the excessive efforts of the owners to care for the plant cause it starts to drop leaves. Crassula is a succulent, it needs a rare, but plentiful watering. Summer — once a week, after complete drying earthen coma, in winter, watering should be reduced to once per month. With excessive watering the roots and trunk of the plant start to rot, often to stop this process almost impossible. The only way is to cut the stem and grow a new plant.

Jade tree may begin to drop leaves and the lack of moisture. They become wrinkled, and the plants every day gets rid of a few leaves. The output from this is quite simple — pour a jade tree and presidnete twigs. The plant will produce new shoots and begin to custimise.

Another reason is the insufficient lighting. Jade — a plant light-requiring, but it should keep it from direct sunlight as it can get burned, and, as a consequence, to lose leaves. Pick her a Sunny place and try not to move.

Also jade is very poorly tolerate drafts and temperature changes. However, in the winter the temperature decrease for jade it is advisable to provide her a period of rest. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce and glaze plants.

The dropping of leaves may be caused by pests. If the surface of the leaves cracked and there was a peculiar mesh that resembles a spider web, this is most often caused by infection jade mealybugs or mites. To cure the plant and rid it of parasites, treat the leaves of jade alcohol (wipe them with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol) or special preparations designed for succulents. Procedures should be performed several times every few days until the complete disappearance of pests.
At the time of treatment the patient get jade away from other plants and dropped leaves immediately discard.

How to grow beautiful and healthy jade

Pick up the small plant pot. The roots of the jade surface, so a large capacity is not needed, otherwise the earth will turn sour, causing the roots and trunk of the plants can rot and you will lose it.

Plant jade in a loose light and breathable soil. Use the prepared substrate for cacti and succulents and mix it with leaf compost at a ratio of 2:1.
Since jade does not like stagnant water, provide good drainage. On the bottom of the pot, pour a layer of expanded clay, gravel or broken brick.

Place the plant in a Sunny place, but keep in mind that jade should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Warm water, soft water (boiled or defended), watering must be frequent, only after drying earthen coma. Winter watering should be reduced to one per month.