According to surveys of men's magazines more than 80% of the fans of caresses below the navel are men with open head of the penis. This is explained by the increased sensitivity of the delicate skin of the glans. In addition, the temperature and humidity in the oral cavity always at the right level, and the bottom the woman can not manage to get aroused. Vaginal dryness don't like women (because the movement of the member causes unpleasant friction), and men. For the latter, this is equivalent to putting its body in a paper bag.

One of the reasons love to oral sex men call women's activity during a Blowjob. After all, classic sex, according to them, the lion's share of activity falls on the shoulders of men. And then the woman takes the initiative in their own hands and doing things that could raise man to the top of bliss without any advances on his part.

Men consider their sexual organ as its main instrument in the performance of sexual symphonies, and the ability of women to be able to bring the whole orchestra to a high level. Oral sex for a strong half of mankind still that the recognition of woman world domination of men.

A woman who is able to deliver sexual joy oral way, shows that fully trusts the man and not disdain anything. A woman wants respect, to be on hand and give a response of pleasure in a huge amount.

What to do if a woman is shy about oral sex? Above all, do not force yourself. It happens that the high threshold of the gag reflex does not allow women to enter anything deeply in the mouth, where the tongue ends. Physiological discharge from the male member when excited can also cause unpleasant taste sensations.

However, there is a solution - this is a permanent training and the use of flavoring compounds. You should buy any size Dildo at the toy store for adults and practice on it.

And to deceive the taste buds during oral sex can help the whipped cream. Pay attention to personal hygiene prior to the process. Apply cream to clean the sexual organ of the partner and start with a taste to lick them, gradually introducing the cock in her mouth.

Weasel language hiding place under the bridle of the open head of the penis (in the middle bottom of the head under the coronal sulcus is a kind encircling groove) is able to bring the strongest man to erection in a matter of seconds. So oral sex is most often used for sexual foreplay.

To throw oil on the fire of passion, some women oral caress before drinking a few SIPS of hot tea with milk. This increases temperature and humidity in the mouth. Learn different techniques of oral sex, don't be afraid to experiment, and soon in the eyes of men you will look like a goddess, or a Japanese geisha. As you like.