The conclusions of psychologists about the existence of thoughts from men during sex

From conversations with men who go to psychotherapists just about sex, experts have concluded that partner is thinking during intercourse the woman. It is not always about the partner.

If a woman is the road to man, if he cares about their relationship, during sex, he thinks about how to give pleasure to the partner. The representative of the stronger sex in this time, the eyes not closing - first, enjoy the view, secondly, tries to catch, at that time a woman feels.

Sometimes, if a man wants to prolong the sexual act or "wait" partner, he can think about other things to distract. So if you noticed that during sex your partner slightly faraway look, don't panic.

Often a man during sexual intercourse exactly the same way as a woman in this situation cares about how he looks in this moment. That is why the insecure part of the strong half of humanity prefers the knee-elbow position. So the woman does not see any figure flaws men and the partner can observe its stimulating picture.

But, according to psychologists, often male during sexual intercourse nothing to think. It turns out that the natural state of male consciousness in this moment - the lack of any thoughts. The physical sensation of sex is completely partner, so to think he was at this time there is no need.

What pictures help a man in sex

If the couple have been together and the passion subsided, the man may need more stimulation, not only the erogenous zones, but his imagination. The woman should not be upset if her partner wants to introduce something new in their sexual life. It just means that her man is thinking about saving the relationship.

To old partner was thinking during sex about the right thing and not be distracted by extraneous thoughts, we don't have to put out the light and you should pay attention to their erotic along. Do not forget about the truth that a man loves with his eyes.

Lamp with a dense pink or red shade gives the body of a woman enticing mouth-watering shades, and lingerie from the sex shop is able to direct the thoughts of the partner in the right direction. It is not shameful to ask a man, what fantasy visit it during sex, it will help you to awaken passion. If you think of a loved constantly and try to work it out, and it during sex will take care of you.