Turn on the ring that will be set on the process you and the partner. Prepare a romantic candlelit dinner. Choose the simple topic of conversation. Come face the man in erotic lingerie. It is a proven weapon of seduction. Wear lingerie red or white in color, which greatly excites men.

Be passionate and sexy. If you do not will desire man, he will not be able to satisfy it in full. He needs to see your desire to merge with it together and to get pleasure. Don't be uptight, insecure.

Proceed to the foreplay. Gently move the hand around the man's body, do not leave without attention back and genitals of a partner. Stroking between his shoulder blades — so you will give him a feeling of power and masculinity, which will further excite him. Pat the buttocks of men, to Pat them — it will give him sexual pleasure.

Massage genitals very excited partner. Take them in your hand and move up and down. After give him a Blowjob to bring him to ecstasy. Do not think that this involved only women of easy virtue — such stereotypes have long been destroyed. Men love sex, liberated women without complexes.

After all the foreplay let's get to work. Do not be limited to only one pose, be original. Remember that men are hunters, so after some time should give him the dominant place and give the opportunity to be active. During sex constantly repeat that it brings you great pleasure. In the process, do not be silent — men in this case, begin to doubt their sexual abilities. Light postanyvaniya on your part would be welcome.

During sex do not think about different things — because of this, you will set the desired mood. Such thoughts have a negative impact on this physiological process. You must immerse yourself in an intimate atmosphere.

Do not neglect the role playing games. Men it's very exciting. Buy in a sex shop unusual outfits. The most popular are the images of nurses and teachers. But don't limit yourself to just this: check the range of the store, maybe there you will find the outfit that is perfect for you. Just don't forget to try it in advance to avoid inconveniences during sex.