Characteristics of male bodies

Man Taurus is calm, balanced, stable nature. Is a business man, able to earn money. He plans in advance every day, he is afraid that something could spiral out of control.

Taurus is very courageous. He loves the outdoors, hunting, fishing. It fits the life in the village with his wife, who will feed it very satisfying as a real man.

The man born under this earth sign, it is important to have a good position in society. He seeks a peaceful life without financial problems and unnecessary risk.

Such a man will not allow to be ruled. He is very organized, loves to make decisions for themselves, but feel the moral support of close women.

He enjoys spending his spare time in the company of friends. He has a great sense of humor, he knows how to have fun, so often becomes the soul of the company. He can not imagine his life without a good wife, children and friends.

Male Taurus in love

It is a reliable man with whom many women dream to have a family. It not only provides for themselves and their families financially, but also surrounds them with love and care.

It can not be called amorous. If he really falls in love, he persistently and doggedly seeks the attention of this woman. He will never listen to others so that they may be said about it, his attitude will not change.

Taurus respects women. He is devoted to his wife, loves to pamper and to give her gifts. Do not accept infidelity as not tolerate any life changes.

The Taurus woman needs to be calm, attentive and quiet. Taurus won't like it if it will raise my voice, but if she will give him a reason to be jealous, it might get really pissed. The wife of this zodiac sign should not bring something new to family life or to change itself to be interesting. It is better to maintain the established order in the family.

Sex life of male bodies

It is not a hot and temperamental lovers, but he is able to meet his beloved. In bed he is very gentle, sensitive and a little passionate. He loves your touch, so have massages together and taken baths.

During lovemaking he is also slow, as in everything else. He takes everything in their hands to dominate, and refuses sexual experimentation. A man is vital to satisfy your partner to feel on top.

This is the most compatible person on earth with such zodiac signs as Pisces, Aquarius, Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus.