You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • tables of houses Placida or Koch;
  • - ephemerides:
  • - astrological tables to calculate birth time and coordinates of the place of birth.
As the ascendant is the "rising sign" of the horoscope, people born closer to sunrise, there will be more to match your zodiac sign in the external manifestations (clothing, behavior, way of talking to people). The larger the gap between the time of sunrise and time of birth of the person, the less symptoms will correspond to his inner world. So how to calculate ascendant?
It is easier to calculate the ascendant with the help of special astrological programs. Right now it is possible to find good and free astrological program that lets you compose, without unnecessary anguish, a precise Natal chart of a person. You can also use the online service in order to calculate the ascendant.
If you decide to calculate the ascendant alone, have some patience and free time. First you need to find the cost center (local sidereal time), which corresponds to the time of birth. For this we need the coordinates of the place of birth of the person, which can be obtained from any Atlas or special astrologer's Handbook "by Coordinates of cities and temporary amendments". This guide will help to find the lap time of birth in GMT or GTM. Real-time place of birth (RVM) can be found, if we find the correction to Greenwich. To do this, the longitude of the place of birth must be multiplied by 4 minutes. The result of exceeding 60 minutes, to lead to a reasonable mind, that is translated to hours, minutes, seconds. Then found the amendment necessary or to subtract from the longitude (West longitude) or added to the longitude (East longitude).
Since the ascendant is taken from "Tables of houses Placida", then we need to know the local sidereal time (LST). In the data tables contain the values of the vertices of the houses of the horoscope, which correspond to the stellar time at Greenwich (Sid, Time). RVM, which was found above, corresponds to the solar time at Greenwich. The correction is done using the table "adjustments to the solar time for star." We need the value of MSV will be located at the intersection of line (minutes GTM) and column (hours in GMT). This amendment will be given in the form of minutes and seconds, so it is tedious to lead to an acceptable form (for example, 00h 24min 12s). And finally, you can find the local sidereal time:LST = Sid Time (taken from the second column "Ephemeris") + amendment "since solar star".
Now, having the "Tables of houses Placida", to calculate the ascendant is very simple. Next you need to find among the many tables that, in the upper left corner which indicates the desired local sidereal time (LST). Then we find the column with the latitude of place of birth (between the second and third plate located column LAT). Now we need to find the intersection of the row LAT containing coordinates of the geographical latitude of birth, and columns of the plate containing the top left corner, and the local sidereal time (ISI). The middle column of the table contains the value of the Asc., which will provide the necessary importance on the ascendant. Asc are presented in the form of coordinates of the zodiac sign. In order to determine the zodiac sign that contains the ascendant, you need to raise up the column Asc. The first sign of the zodiac, we encountered between the values of degrees and minutes of the ascendant, is the zodiac sign containing the first house of our horoscope.