Decide what song you would like to order on "Russian radio". It should be in the repertoire of this radio station, or to send SMS-message will be wasted.A significant likelihood that the song is in the repertoire of "Russian radio", it is the case if the text is written in Russian language (and the author or performer can live outside of Russia), and while it is quite modern. If the work has already sounded in the air of this radio station, you can be sure that it is available in the library. An exception may be the songs performed by guests of the station.
Make a greeting text. It needs to be short enough, because the length of the message in Cyrillic, is only 70 characters. In this length it is recommended to put the title, and proper greetings. If you do not succeed, will have to send the message glued. The number of a normal message, from which it will be calculate by dividing its length, including any characters, even spaces, 70.
If you congratulate someone with birthday, wedding, professional holiday, etc., be sure to specify the date on which this greeting should sound.
So, in what regions, and what operators it turns out this service, refer to the following page: there is the cost of one message in relation to your statement and multiply by the result of the calculation carried out in step 2. So you know how much it will cost you a message.
Type your message on the phone's keypad, carefully check the correctness of the text (especially the date) and then send it to the number 1057.
Schedule transfer "Table of orders" in which to "Russian radio" sound the congratulations of the audience and their songs, check out the following page:
Remember that the probability that your order will be executed, although quite high (higher than on radio stations, where the receiving applications are free), but it's still less than one.