Advice 1: How to calculate the ascendant

The ascendant, or rising sign – the Zodiac sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon at the moment of birth, that is the point of intersection of the plane of the horizon with the Ecliptic plane. The ascendant directly affect the time and place of birth.
How to calculate the ascendant
For a long time, astrologers had to calculate the ascendant alone. Today this is no longer required, since the special sites and programs allow to obtain the required information in the online mode. One of these sites – astroland. Click on the link below the article to navigate to it.
Enter in the appropriate fields your name, the exact time and place of birth. Please note that in different years due to transfer the hours back and forth real time could differ from the official. You need it real. Set additional options as desired. Click on "Create a horoscope".
Scroll down the page until you see a circle and two tables to the right of it. The first line of the second table will contain the ascendant (abbreviated Asc): sign, designated accepted in astrology symbol, and degrees.
Another way to determine the ascendant – a special program “Zet” (link provided below). Run it after downloading, specify information about the place and time of birth. The program will automatically detect all the necessary data.
To determine the influence of the ascendant on the character on the third website listed below the article. From the list on the page, select your Zodiac sign and go to the next page. Among the proposed options, find the paragraph with your ascendant. The data shown on this site are not complete and exhaustive, because it does not take into account the degree of the ascendant and the provisions of other luminaries at the moment of birth. Full Natal chart, you can calculate only with the help of a specialist and additional programs and information.

Advice 2: What is ascendant and how it affects nature

Astrology is not an official science, however, many people resort to the study of nature by the stars. According to long-term astrological data, in the character of a person is influenced by three components: a sign of the zodiac (the location of the Sun in one of 12 shares of the zodiacal circle), moon sign (the location of the moon and the ascendant. Knowing the terminology and some peculiarities of the concept of the ascendant, we can calculate what the strengths and weaknesses of a human.
What is ascendant and how it affects nature

What is the ascendant?

If you draw a circle the motion of the Earth around the Sun (the Ecliptic plane) and the line from the center to the East, the ascendant is the point of intersection on the Eastern horizon. To determine where East helps the exact place of birth.

Zodiac sign (sun sign) reflects the external behavior of man toward the world in General, career, people. Moon in the sign refers to the internal features, what resources are available in the man and how he sees himself. The ascendant is the ulterior motives. Considering the concept from the point of view of psychology, the zodiac is the interaction with the world, moon sign - consciousness, and the ascendant - the subconscious.

How to calculate ascendant?

To calculate the ascendant using special tables and schematic drawings. Independently approximate the ascendant is calculated according to the exact time of sunrise and sunset on the day of birth of the person (see calendar).

Draw a zodiac circle. The starting point (sunrise) will be your sign of the zodiac. Every 2-4 hours after sunrise, the ascendant moves about one character clockwise.

It happens that the rise coincides with the sun sign. A person born at sunrise, your ascendant will be the sign equal to the sign of the zodiac. This is called double sign (for example, a double Sagittarius, etc.). This enhanced all the characteristics, both positive and negative.

The influence of the ascendant on the character

The ascendant is divided into male and female. Masculine signs are fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries) and air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), female – the water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) and earth (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn).

If women in female ascendant sign, it is beneficial to motherhood and nature in General. Appears smooth feel, softness, forgiveness, etc.

Male sign increases hard traits and volitional qualities. Male with male sign in the ascendant is a born fighter and a conqueror. When the signs change: man is born with a women's sign, and a woman with a male, it allows you to talk about the flexibility of the character – a man easily adapts to any situation (provided that the ascendant is not pronounced).

Pronounced female ascendant in man (Cancer, Pisces, Virgo) suppresses male energy, making the timid and shy man, driven in capable hands. But men (Leo, Aries, Scorpio) ascendant in a woman makes a woman adamant and somewhere rough.

A complete astrological chart, it has to be taking into account all features: typical-atypical zodiac sign (depending on the decade of birth), etc. it is Worth considering that science denies the influence of the horoscope on the nature and attributes of various matches on the strength of man's faith in the prediction.

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