You will need
  • check on the website Classmates;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • photography.
If you are going to change a personal photo that you use on the page as the master, go to your profile, hover your mouse over an avatar, decorating your page and click that appears in the image, the link "Change photo". On the next page you will need to select the desired picture on your page of personal photos or specify the location of the desired file on your computer or removable media. Add an image, edit it, crop if required and save the changes. Then the photo will appear in place of the main image.
To replace the "cards" page you can use in another way. It is also quite simple. For this page, go to Photos, open the album "Personal photos", select the desired (appropriate for the theme or the mood) to the image, and click the appearing the picture the button "Make primary". Within seconds your chosen photo will take its place on the page.
In a similar way to move in place of the avatar Classmates can be any picture and the image on the user page albums. To do this, simply open the album, hover over the photo and click "Make main".
Not difficult to the user Classmates and to change the photograph actually created the group. To do this, go to the group administrator where you are, hover your cursor over the main photo and in the popup window select "Choose the cover". Then, you should specify where to store the file, and add it as the Wallpaper groups.
But to change the image in the created topic in a group where you are an administrator, unfortunately, will not work. The only thing that has the right group Creator to remove wrong or superfluous image. To do this, simply open the picture and right side of the screen from the top to find the link "Delete photo". The function of adding images to the theme in this section is also missing.
To change the cover art in the album the user can, but only if he is the author of the album or the administrator of the entire group. To apply changes, choose from the available images appropriate to apply the option "set as cover photo". Otherwise, the user will only be available by selecting "Bookmark", "Get a link", "Report", "Class", "Comments" and "Share".