Advice 1: As at Classmates to change your avatar

Using social networking, you should know that your profile should always contain not only personal information about you, but often photos, because photos is the first thing that catches someone in the eye when viewing someone else's profile.
As at Classmates to change your avatar
The Site has a huge number of users of different ages. When you start to look on this site their friends and acquaintances, you type in the search name and the name of the person. Unfortunately, people with the same names and surnames there are many, so for reliability, you can type in the search engine and age of the person and the citywhere he was born or resides. But sometimes there are situations when I meet people who have a name and surname coincide age and city. In this case, to find his friend you will only his avatar. If you don't want your friends to have experienced inconvenience during your search profiles on the site, install on your page avatar. The avatar is the main photo that will display when viewing your page. In the picture it is best to set individual photos of good quality. To do this first take a picture and upload the photo to your computer.
On the main page of your account you will see tabs: "Main", "Friends", "Photos", "Groups", "Notes", "Games", "More". Click on the "Photos" tab. Before you open the window in the left corner you'll see "Add photo". When you click on it, you will see a small window in which you will need to select the desired photo from your computer and upload it.
When the picture has loaded, hover over it with the mouse cursor. Ahead you will see the following functions: "Make main", "tag friends", "to Move". To put a photo on avatar, click on the "Make main". Thus, this photo will be displayed on the main page of your account. If you want to change this image to any other, do the same operation again, but with a different picture.

Advice 2: How to delete photos in the "Classmates"

If you love to share with friends your photos in the "Classmates", then you probably know that they can rate it. Here you have created a new album uploaded your images, but some of them suddenly did not like you or your friends they are not appreciated. Then the question arises, how to delete photos in the "Classmates".
How to delete photos in Friendster

Using the social network "Classmates", you probably noticed that when you hover over a photo POPs up a menu where you can choose different actions applied to loaded images. Unfortunately, the line that deletes the pictures there.

How to remove photos from albums in the "Classmates"

To delete a photo in Facebook, first you need to login by entering username and password. Once logged into your account, go to Photos and open the album you want.

Under each photo you can see little squares, hover over the ones you don't like and select by pressing the left mouse button.

If all unnecessary images appeared show, note the line at the top above the list of photos, it has a section "to Remove".

Clicking on this button you will get rid of the selected photos.

How to remove the photos from the avatars in the "Classmates"

To remove a photo from "Classmates" in your albums is quite simple. But, decided to take a picture with ava, you will notice that it is impossible.

But do not worry because of this situation there is a way. You just need to change main photo on the new one and then get rid of the old.

To do this, go to the section with photos, hover over any photo and from the popup, select "Make main".

When your avatar updates again, go to the page with the photo and check the old picture on the main profile page. Now you can easily delete photos from "Classmates", acting on instructions described above.

Advice 3: How to create a group in the "Classmates"

Social networks were created to communicate with friends. However, in order to attract and keep users, instant messaging and downloading photos was not enough. The developers have added the possibility of listening to music, watching videos, creating communities of interest. For anybody not a secret that the administrator of the group in the "Classmates" to be not only prestigious, but also profitable thanks to advertising. If you still don't know how to create in the "Classmates" your group, it's time to learn it.
How to create a group of Classmates


What new group in the "Classmates"

In the "Classmates" there are several thousand communities of interest. The audience of some hundreds of thousands, while others are private communities for a narrow circle of people.

Before you understand how to create a "Classmates" group, you should decide what you want from her. Can be done, for example, a community for your fellow students to facilitate learning, but you can organize interesting public for a large number of people that will benefit them and you financial reward. If you provide any services or sell products, the group will also be a great free advertising platform that will also bring you benefits.

Deciding which group to do in the "Classmates" in the first place, proceed from your interests. If your goal is a popular community, be sure to consider vosstrebovannost subjects. So, among men the most popular community with interesting humor, review of sports events, groups on automotive topics, issues of business development. Women concerned about pregnancy and children, cooking, the secrets of homemaking, fashion and style, self-development. Children and Teens are willing to join various fan groups, and in the community on the themes of games, drawing and other activities.

How to create a group in the "Classmates"

To make a group, go to your profile and look under the menu "Groups".

You will see the list of communities to which you belong, as well as a large icon "Create group" on which to click.

In the resulting window, select the type of the community:

- for business (if you are a representative of the company);

- interests (this item should be selected for any other public servers).

Next, enter an intriguing, but short and succinct name of the community, fully reflects the essence of the project. In detail fill in the group description, and download eye-catching avatar.

Select privacy settings: you can make a group open, available to all users of "Odnoklassniki", or closed, to accept only the right people.

Then click on the "Create"button.

You managed to make a group in the "Classmates", you can now fill your community with the correct information.

How to promote the group in the "Classmates"

To create a group in social network is quite simple, but to attract visitors to it is much more difficult.

To make popular community, consider the following guidelines:

- fill group is useful for potential visitors.

- regularly post new posts at different times, both morning and evening;

- invite your friends and ask them to call the community of friends;

- create posts motivating people to join the public;

- daily invite to the group the maximum number of strangers;

- advertise your community in a popular close on the subject of the public servers (if allowed by administrators);

- use the services of agents if you have it siedztwa;

- organize the ability for users to communicate and to take the initiative;

- give the feedback.

All this will help not just to create a group in the "Classmates", but also quickly attract the attention of a wide audience.

Advice 4: How to find the page at Classmates

Life often separates loved ones, leading them to different roads. However, through the years, many people want to know what has become of their classmates, relatives, friends. To realize this wish help social networks such as "Classmates". The newcomer is not immediately clear how there to find the page of a friend or classmate. Find people in the "Classmates" is quite simple. For this you will need access to the Internet and its social network page.
How to find the page at Classmates

How to find people in the "Classmates"

To find a classmate page in the "Classmates", log in the social network, by entering email and password in a special form. If you haven't registered there, do it, because you will be able to find all your friends from the past and present, as well as meet new and interesting people.

The social network has a special search menu that allows you to find the right person. Find your avatar (picture), look under the button "More" and click on "Search new friends". Enter the name of the wanted man. Search for "Classmates" will give you all registered on the website pages with similar data. But if the name is common, then navigate among the found people to be quite difficult. For a more accurate search of the person, enter other information that is known about personality:

- age;

- prospective country of residence;


If you fail to find someone in the "Classmates" name, do not despair. Perhaps, was wanted under another name or not sitting in this social network at all.

How to find classmates in the "Classmates"

If you want to find the social network your friend from school, in addition to the above data, the search query will verify the location of his training. Then click the search button. In addition, you can enter in your profile information about your school and training time, and perhaps your classmate he will find your page.

You can also look for a group dedicated to your school and, joining it, to write about what they are looking for a classmate.

If the person with whom you have studied, to find Classmates" standard methods does not work, try to find other friends from school. Perhaps your friend they have friends or they know anything about his fate.

How to find your page in the "Classmates"

If you register in a social network to find someone in the "Classmates", you probably want to know what it looks like your page is your friend. Find your page on Facebook without going into the social network. To do this, go to the website enter the name in the search bar (if necessary, and other data), check the social network in which to search, and get the desired result. By the way, through the service of Yandex, you can search for pages of people not only in the "Classmates", but also on other sites for communication. You do not need to do so.

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